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Hi, I just receieved my latest order of shirts and slacks and could not be happier. I requested the pants be made extra "baggy" and they were cut exactly right! Every detail I requested was taken care of. I´m a very happy customer! Thank you for the great customer service and your attention to detail.
      · Paul B..............Washington, DC, USA

I had a personal fitting with the tailor who took his time listening to what I wanted; my body type isn’t the norm so off the shelf business attire was no longer an option for me. I would happily recommend Ravis Custom Tailors Online Store. I have had a suit and several shirts made all fitted perfectly with exceptional quality.
      · Paul H..........Canberra, ACT, Australia

Your suits and shirts cost me no more than medium quality off the rack clothes. Instead, they are beautifully tailored and finished and are an excellent fit using top grade materials. I am absolutely delighted and will be back for more
      · Kevin P...........GS

My suits and shirts that I received at Xmas are excellent and I will wait for a little while before buying a new casual jacket and trousers etc. Thanks for keeping me updated. Regards
      · Kevin P.......Golden Square, Victoria, Australia

Dear MySuitShop team, I was extremely please I took the decision to attend to the last roadshow in Spain last month. Both the fabrics and finishing were awesome; thank you so much. I´ve now made some minor changes to measurements portfolio for next order. All the best,
      · Jorge S........Madrid, Spain

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