. . . answer any 4 questions correctly and get a FREE gift 1 with your next order.

Please answer any four of five questions correctly to receive a free made to measure shirt, personally selected by us with your next order!

Question 1 : What is the most asked web question in 2010?

Question 2 : How are vents at the back of jackets and coats related to a horse?

Question 3 : What are Surgeon Sleeves and what is their relation to Crimea, a province of Russia?

Question 4 : Why were turn ups (cuffs) used for pants and what is their connection to Cricket?

Question 5 : What is the Length of the Longest Pair of Jeans ever made? And where was it made?

Question 6 : Why is the bottom button never closed in mens jackets?

for example: previous customer, recommendation, yahoo, altavista, google, advertisement, etc.)
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1The free items such as shirts or neckties are at the discretion of our master tailors as to what fabrics, styles or colours are used. It is a complimentary item and thus not made to specifications. Shirts and other clothing though are made to measure. All free items are included with the next order placed and not shipped out individually. Free items are NOT to be shipped with any order under production. The can ONLY be shipped with a fresh order. The free items are non-returnable, non-refundable, non-convertible to cash or other items. Terms and Conditions of this competition may change with or without notice at any time. Quiz winnings are not to be included with items won or received with a different promotion. That is, no two promotions items can be shipped togather with one order.