My Suit Shop September Update

September 9th, 2003

Greetings from and welcome to our September update

What’s out at – you would have noticed our recent introduction of the summer collections at our website. With the close of summer, this collection has now been discontinued in preparation for the upcoming holiday and winter season.

What’s new at - Over the next week, new fabrics of 9 oz and higher is being introduced for the coming cool season. A range of new colours in the existing fabric ranges are being added to our online displays as well.

What’s coming up? – Soon we will be launching a brand new collection of designer fabrics from Zegna, Wein Shield, Dolce and Gabbana and others in a dedicated designer collection a step above the rest. Our recent introduction of these fabrics in our HERITAGE GOLD has met with much enthusiasm encouraging us to offer even more choice in the premier fabric levels. Response has been astounding to the designer collections beyond our expectation. Look out for Zegna and Dolce Gabbanna in the coming weeks.

Extra Special this month - Only via this September Update - Get a special price on 1 Single Breasted Suit, 1 Cotton Shirt and 1 Necktie from our BIG AND TALL COLLECTIONS and an Extra Special price on a package of 2 Single Breasted Suits, 2 Cotton Shirts and 2 Ties from our CLASSIC MENS COLLECTIONS - Only This Month! Only Now! Order it while the Offer is still On!

Tuxedos and Accessories – we have revised our prices and offers for tuxedos and some of the accessories which make our pricing even more attractive than they already were. We recommend you to avail of our special prices in preparation of the holiday season to your advantage.

New Functionality – We have now launched the added ability to do fabric searches using additional criteria such as fabric weights, fabric compositions, fabric patterns and climate for wear. One can also view these fabric characteristics in the fabric lists after style selections. This functionality was much in demand and we found it a nice feature to offer for those not too familiar with the different materials and what is ideal for their sartorial requirements. We hope this added functionality will help make better choices in the type of cloth one would like for ones custom clothing. Over the next few days you will notice all the fabrics displaying their very unique characteristics addressing your needs even better. Soon we will also be adding a rating system for the materials that will show what the most popular fabrics are and how clients who ordered garments in those materials found them to be. This will be a direct feedback on materials that can be so useful in making choices of which fabrics to choose for your custom garments.

New upgrades – Have been introduced with the new option of fully hand basted canvas front on jackets and exclusive bespoke work on custom suits. Your custom made suits and coats can now boast of prime hand sewn canvas and bespoke construction upon demand. It will be harder for Saville row to compete now!

What’s going out ? – We are going to be discontinuing our CloseOuts category in the next couple of weeks. For those who have used our services before, this may be the perfect time to order custom clothing at throwaway prices!

For those who have never availed of our services before, this may be an excellent opportunity to try out our products and services at extremely affordable prices that leave little to risk.

Swatches and Catalogues – Recently introduced are our new Swatch Requisition forms to order swatches and digital catalogues for super fast delivery by courier for a small premium. The cost premium for courier delivery is however refunded using a gift certificate of an equal value. The gift certificate can be redeemed when you place your next order with us. This is so that we can ensure minimal time overlay for those seriously interested in placing an order with us. In essence therefore, the swatches get delivered quickly and efficiently via couriers, at no extra charge whatsoever. Please visit us to order your swatches or our digital catalogues in preparation of the coming season.

Measurements forms – Our measurements forms have been upgraded to reflect even more detail in the patterns we prepare for your custom clothing. We now have begun taking into account the lay of the shoulder, the fall of the arm, the lay of the waist, the back, neck and the ride of the legs to create even better fitting custom garments. May we urge our existing clients who set up measurements profiles quite some time ago, to visit our Measurements forms and add in the additional details as requested so that they can be incorporated into all your future orders.

Accessibility – Has been made even easier for you to get in direct touch with us and a 24 hour hotline has been set up for you at + 66 1 9878717. Please feel free to call us any time of the day, any day of the week at our hotline for immediate addressing of all your queries. For our clients in the USA, we have introduced a local fax number at 17039975593 as an additional, cheaper and more convenient way to communicate with us.

Our Favorite Testimonial this month – By Larry K...........Burr Ridge, Illinois, USA. He has made us proud of what we do. Here is what he says…

Your service has been amazing! I needed a summer suit for a trip to St Thomas Island, but there is nothing like that here in Chicago as the stores have gone into their winter inventory already. So turned to you in desperation, but my friends all thought it was going to be a disaster, ordering suit by mail from someone in another country. It will not come, it will not fit, it will not have any buttons, and the zipper will be in the back they all said. But I kept getting e-mails from you, telling of your progress in making the suit. They made me feel pretty special-- maybe I would get the suit in time, but would it fit? I did not fill out all those measurements on the order form, and just ordered by size. Would you send me something to fit an Asian gentleman? Would the lapels look like the wings of an eagle? Would I look like a German trying to play Charlie Chan? Today I got your e-mail saying it was shipped. I am not kidding you when I say that the United Parcel truck pulled up 10 minutes later and delivered the suit. It looks great. The fit is perfect. I just do not know how you got everything right, even to the length on the pants. Thanks for your great service and professionalism and skill. I will give your card to my friends.

- Thank you Mr. K……we are humbled by your comments and We Promise to do even better!
by Ravi the Tailor

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