Products And Services Update - August 2002

August 1st, 2002

Greetings from
Firstly, we would like to thank all our clients for their very valuable patronage and we would like to thank our resellers for the constant support and encouragement we receive from them.
This encourages us to do even better and to surpass the already high standards of work we maintain.
Our clients and our resellers are the life blood of our business without whom, we would be nothing and nowhere. You are the reason for our success and we whole heartedly Thank You for it.
Because of our sense of obligation to our clients, supporters and friends, we issue this advance notice of some changes that will be instigated at our website in the beginning of September 2002.

We are delighted to confirm that per our constant endeavor to improve on our quality and workmanship, we are, as of the 1st of August 2002, instigating the following upgrades to our finished products.
The fabric line has been totally overhauled in the past couple of months to reflect higher quality materials, finer wools and better quality cottons and silks.
We have overhauled and improved all our production processes from order processing to actual production and eventual delivery. New machines have been introduced to the production line to improve the speed and quality of workmanship of all custom clothing.
We are sure clients who have placed orders recently will have noticed the marked difference in the quality of finished product delivered and the speed of execution and delivery of all orders.

For example, all custom made shirts will have improved and more advanced fusions on the collars and even finer stitching on the shirt body. The lining on all our jackets have been upgraded to a finer grain satin cloth that is even more durable and smooth to wear.
Interlocking on the pants has been upgraded to a tighter weave that is more durable.
Other details and services including interactive features of the MyAccounts section have been redone to serve the needs of our clients even better and we now have available, possibilities to order swatches for first hand viewing.

Due to an increase in our costing structure because of the product upgrades and improvements, we would like to inform you that some of our prices will be revised in early September to meet and address the needs of an even higher quality finished product.
Fluctuating exchange rates, increases in courier and logistics charges after September 11, 2001 and other general increases in operating costs require us to reflect these increases in our product prices.
We have not increased our prices in the last two plus years and have in fact reduced some of the prices around a year and a half ago.
However, the present realities must also be taken into consideration.
The price revisions are not going to be drastic, but revisions nevertheless. We expect to revise prices between five and ten percent from existing pricing structures.

I do hope this does not deter you from using our services and I hope for the continued support and patronage of all our clients and friends.

Thanking you, We remain with best regards,
your E-tailors at

by Ravi the Tailor


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