How To Dress Your Body Type

May 7th, 2013

Custom clothing is the most beneficial options when you are building your custom wardrobe, because it addresses the most basic fashion need that arises: a flattering fit. Off the rack clothes do not address fit issues because their measurements are based on an ideal fit that in reality fits no one. Achieving an ideal fit is about selecting the custom wardrobe items that are the most flattering for your body type. Each shape has different advantages and disadvantages therefore each shape has pieces that are must haves and ones that should be avoided.

Identifying your Body Type

Before you can design the custom pieces that will look the best on you, who must first understand what your body type is and what your fashion challenges will be. You have a pear shaped figure if your hip area is larger than your waistline creating the illusion of a pear. You have an hourglass figure if your shoulders and hips are the same approximate size but your waistline is much smaller than the shoulders and hips. Those measurements mirror the shape of an hourglass. If your shoulders, hips, and waist are approximately the same size then you have a straight shape.

Choosing the Most Flattering Fit

Once you have identified what your body type is, you are ready to begin designing your custom wardrobe based on which fits will be the most flattering for your figure. If you are pear shaped then work to achieve balance by adding volume on the top with the use of A-line tops and then minimizing the bottom by choosing a dark wash on the bottom. Items to avoid when you are pear shape include fitted tops and fading on your denim. Those properties will bring attention to your trouble areas. With the hourglass shape, dressing your figure is about highlighting your figure. Look for simple solid shapes on the top. You can also use a wrap top to highlight your top area. When you have an hourglass shape, choose pants that are either flared or boot cut to create balance. Elements to avoid when you have an hourglass shape include ruffles, frills, and items with boxy shapes. If you have a straight shape, then the idea is to use your custom clothing to create curves that do not exist naturally. If you have a straight shape, then look for garments that have ruffles to add volume on top. Choose boot cut pants and jeans to add curves on the bottom. When you have a straight shape, avoid menswear inspired items, straight cuts and boyfriend jeans.

Embrace Who You Are

The most important part of choosing a flattering custom wardrobe is to embrace who you are. There is no one perfect shape and every shape has advantages and disadvantages. The trick is to know what those advantages and disadvantages are and to dress to either maximize or minimize those features. The first step to a confident appearance is to embrace the shape that you have and let your wardrobe do the rest.


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