How To Choose The Right Custom Suit For You

April 23rd, 2013

Every man wants to gain a reputation as a sharp dressed man. However, not every man knows how to make that dream into a reality. That’s where your custom tailor comes in. As you begin to develop a solid relationship with your custom tailor, they will be a great resource of style information and direction. Fashion is ever changing and in order to stay on the forefront of style, you must keep up with what’s new and hot. Your custom tailor can do that prework for you and help guide you on the right path. Together you can create a style option to be proud of.

As you begin to choose your custom suit, it is important to understand what you need to take into consideration during the design process. Choosing a custom suit is about making the right selection based on your body type, your style preferences, and the occasion that you will be wearing the custom suit to. When you make proper selections based on those criteria, then you have designed the ultimate custom suit.

Start your custom suit design process by understanding your own body type and what looks best on it. If you have a slim, straight figure then you need to choose a suit that will add volume to your frame. The best option for adding volume is to choose a double breasted suit. Double breasted suits instantly add shape and volume to any figure. On the other hand if you have a full figure, then you want to choose a suit that will minimize the bulk in your frame. A single breasted suit will instantly slim any frame and give the illusion of a trim frame.

Another element to consider when you are designing your custom suit centers on your particular style preferences. In order for you to design a custom suit that will serve as a long lasting piece of your custom wardrobe, you must love the finished product. While it is true that your custom tailor can serve as a guide on your custom design journey, in the end the final decision is up to you and it must be one that will love for years to come.

Finally, in order to design the best custom suit possible, you must take into account where it is that you will be wearing your custom suit. Each occasion has its own dress code for the event and those guidelines must be taken into account when you are making design decisions. In the end, your custom suit must be an appropriate option for that particular occasion.

The design process for custom suits is a combination of the decisions that you will make based on your own body type, style preferences and the occasion that you will wear the custom suit to. Focus on the process and in the end you will get a custom product that you will be proud to wear for years to come.  

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