How To Wear Nudes

March 5th, 2013

Women are always striving to look dazzling at all times and try to look even better than they did a day before. This is acceptable as they are beautiful creations and should be adored by everyone who comes into contact with them.

The beauty of a woman is not complete if she is not wearing clothes that compliment her body type and give her confidence.

One of the trendiest ways to make a woman feel like she is on top of the world is by being able to pull off the nudes. Nudes embrace fashion’s feminine side in the softest of tones, whether it is in pale beige, taupe, salmon, mocha or egg shell.

Though nude is a classic shade, it is a color tone that many find hard to wear but if correctly worn it is a look that you will never want to let go off. Nude is a tone that’s fresh, simple, chic and the best part is that it suits all sizes. Great for the petite as well as the well-endowed, Pair it with casual wear or formal wear. For you to comfortably pull off this look stunningly, just keep these tips in mind to help you embrace and wear the nudes well.

For the short and petite, nudes are a great way to add to the appearance of height. For example, pair a short nude dress with nude heels and these will give the illusion of long legs.

In order to achieve a fashion forward look, always play with shapes and proportions while wearing nude tones. Because of its chic nature, nude is a great hue for an elegant, formal evening event. It is an excellent choice to wear for that evening date with that suitor.

Contrast the nudes with the darkest to the brightest of colors. The nude is a neutral shade and will go with almost anything.

Before you settle on a particular nude hue, it is very important that you know your complexion to help you choose the right nude tone for you. Dark skin tones go well with taupe, while light skin tones suit pinky, rosy skin tones.

Play around with fabric choice in nude chiffons, which are great for tops and dresses, jerseys for the easy casual wear and knits or woolen which are great for jackets. After all the tones and textures have been considered, it is important that you ensure that the tones you pick do not wash you out.

Finally, invest in a great classic pair of nude heels and a great nude handbag. They are timeless and a must have in every woman’s closet.  

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