Clothing Color Cordination

October 20th, 2011


“Honey, does this red shirt and orange tie look OK together?”

We don’t need a degree in color engineering, but a lot hinges on this! Everyday you put together many elements of your attire. Your choice of the colors you mix and match can make a significant impression on how you look to others.

Colors are like kids and employees. Some work together, and get along just fine; others always fight.

Color is energy, if you’re wearing the colors that are right for you, you’ll look dynamic. Color coordination not only makes you look good, but also gives you an organized and professional image.

We’ll try to put an end to those mornings that find you late for work, standing in front of the mirror, holding up six ties, and two shirts against your new suit! Some basic color knowledge, and a lot of experience will help you coordinate those dazzling ensembles with confidence and ease, and maybe even have time for a second cup of coffee.

Men have it easier than women in the color world since most business is conducted in navy, or gray suits, white or blue shirts, and only in our ties and pocket squares are we “allowed” the freedom to get colorful (but even there one rarely sees fuchsia!). Well maybe on the golf course, but even there we look better if the colors match!

The word match comes from an Old English word "gemaecca" which was shortened to "macche" meaning mate or companion!

Why pink for little girls and blue for little boys? An old European fairly tale had baby girls springing forth from pink roses! Blue is the color of the heavens and parents thought it would protect infant sons from the Devil!

We’re not even going to discuss here coordinating the other factors like patterns or fabric weight, and texture. However when all the colors mesh and the patterns are not all the same design or size, you could pull off wearing all patterns!!

Note this News :

Perception of your IQ may be reflected in your shirt color!

When others are repulsed by “loud”, do they mean the volume of your voice or the colors of your clothes?


According to Clare Spiegel, president of Your New Image, a career consulting company, bright colors and loud talk give an impression of low intelligence!

As reported in Men’s Health Magazine, speaking in a mid volume during a speech or presentation projects more intelligence than speaking too loudly. Speaking in moderate tones presents a calm and authoritative image rather than an appearance that you are desperate to convince everyone of your point. Too loud also can be perceived as boisterous and obnoxious.

The same goes for loud clothing colors, Spiegel says! For example, if you’re going to don a Hawaiian shirt for an event where you need some semblance of astuteness, make sure the shade is dusty or muted, not bright.

Maybe that’s why serious business attire has always been navy or gray set off by a white shirt, and some necktie color to draw attention to your face. And now we know it’s a consideration for casual clothes!

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