Perfect Attire For Winters

January 15th, 2010

When the snow starts falling and the temperature in the thermometer drops way low, often times fashion goes right out the window. While its understandable to trade aesthetics for functionality, it isn't necessarily needed when it comes to the realm of men's suits. For many parts of the country, putting together a winter business wardrobe is a stylish way of keeping warm that is all too often overlooked. If you enjoy men's suits, one thing is for sure, you will enjoy keeping warm and cozy in the richness of textures and patterns available in the winter suiting fabrics.

It All Starts with the Fabrics

For winter, suits require a heavy and big type cloth, stuff that is all at once beefy and elegant. Most suits made for winter in the US features nothing more than heavy gabardine, which just creates a heavy look that doesn't drape well at all. Another down side to this is that most finely finished wool doesn't preform well in the elements. Snow and Rain have tendency to break down the yarn of these "high twist" suit fabrics causing a fuzzy texture and when pressed, a shiny finish.

The best winter suits feature variations of English tweed and flannel. Both are hard to describe but instantly recognizable, incredibly elegant and when worn during winter, very, very functional. Tweed features a "mill" finish that gives it its distinct look. The way the yarn is twisted creates a soft and naturally weather resistant barrier that keeps moisture out but heat in. When the yarn is woven it seem to be a blending of different shades, which creates the rich depth of color. Flannel is a finer more "finished" version of tweed, created to be more suitable for the offices and courtrooms, than the sporting beginnings of the original. Also naturally weather resistant, Flannel creates a lighter look with out giving up the functionality. Flannel is more commonly seen today, while tweed, on the other hand, is almost non existent in off the rack brands. This forces aficionados to look towards tailored custom suits for their tweed fix.

The Cut of a Winter Suit

When choosing the best cut for your winter suit, look for something that is less constructed and a little roomier than your fall and spring clothing. The reason for an unconstructed suit is that the heavier fabrics will be able to give the suit body and shape with out the need for much canvas or padding. This is ideal for those wanting the look of a winter suit with out the bulk. A roomier fit, on the other hand, is recommend to allow for a little more layering. Sweaters, scarves and gloves are all the winter wardrobe mainstays and you will need a little more room to layer it all and still be comfortable.

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