Casual Yet A Business Executive Attire

February 27th, 2009

We all enjoy the freedom that causal business dress allows us in the workplace.
To be able to pull off the business casual look is quite tricky, you want to be comfortable, appear stylish, and still look like an executive, even when you're wearing jeans to work.
If you're presenting yourself to the public, a client, or just your office colleagues, and wearing business casual, here are some pointers that will help you create a crisp, yet casual business image of an executive.

For women, business casual includes pantsuits, tailored separates - such as skirts, slacks, blouses, sweaters, sweater sets, and jackets.

When you have several pairs of jeans for work, then you're on your way to your executive casual styling. No torn hems, no ill-fitting jeans, no holes, no matter how chic they are at the time.

White Blouse
A must have for an executive in a business casual situation. With jeans, khakis, any style of casual slacks, a white blouse is dazzling and versatile. Worn with jeans, and an attractive belt, the white blouse has the ability to be the basic pallet for a variety of business casual polished looks.

Well-tailored clothes that fit your form do add authority to your entire appearance. Even khakis or blue jeans can be classic if made to measure to your own perfect fit and custom made to your exact unique measurements, not too baggy and not too tight as it would be with a off the peg clothing in most cases, made to fit perfectly at each part of your body. If coordinated to a quality custom made top would give you an amazing casually dressed business executive’s look. Or Wear a dress shirt. If you like to get away with a plain scoop neck or v-neck shirt with your slacks, go for a crisp, ironed button-down dress shirt and wear it tucked in. Finish the look off with a nice belt.

Business casual does mean dresses are allowed. Just be careful not to show too much skin, or consider wearing your sun dresses or anything that resembles sleep-wear in the business environment. There's a wide variety of dresses that are perfectly suited for business casual, so choose styles that are easy to wear and not too revealing.

Fabrics and Colors
Leading ladies need not hide in beige and browns, but they ought to steer away from neon and loud patterns. Sexy see-through fabrics and gaudy or childish prints have no place in the office. Powder pink and baby blue speak of innocence, but not intelligence and innovation. Classic looks simply attribute class to the wearer. Solid colors like navy, black, gray, brown and khaki are safe bets for business casual attire.

Accessorize Astutely
An exceptional leather belt with a polished and understated buckle is an absolute requirement. A quality wristwatch can be a powerful fashion statement as well. A few well-chosen pieces of genuine or fashion jewelry can complete a classy look.

If your company does not have a set policy. It is not mandatory to conform to business casual if you are more comfortable wearing traditional or conservative outfits on the job.
Traditional business attire includes business suits, dress shirts, and ties for men. It includes business-oriented suits for women, both skirted suits and tailored pantsuits.

Your confidence in what you are wearing does make an impression!
All you need to do is to believe in yourself and your abilities, and then you are free to dress any way you choose in business while looking just like an executive.

Look Smart Executive!! You will always be taken seriously.  

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