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February 23rd, 2009

Geography isn’t as important as it once was in determining how dress. As the world population is exposed to more and
more of the same influences, tastes, inevitably, have become more global, less local. So, when traveling for business,basic professional attire is appropriate just about anywhere like a tourist it is helpful to understand the tendencies in different parts of the United States and the world. You should be able to remix items from your existing wardrobe to suit any destination.


Cities like Chicago and Detroit are more cosmopolitan than other parts of the Midwest, and women dress up for work in.

Suits. In Minneapolis and other women are comfortable with a more workday, casual look, wearing Khakis and Sweater sets.

Evening: A lot of entertaining is corporate in the Midwest. Black-tie fund raising events take place quite often in these cities. Women wear Cocktail Dresses or Pant Suits to black-tie events in dressy fabrics like velvet and satin.

Accessories are dressy and unique. Preferred colors for formal dress in the Midwest are black, deep browns, midnight,navies, and dark purples.


Boston is an intellectual city, which gives rise to individualism and trend-setting. However, there is a division between suburban and urban women in terms of fashion. The suburban women are slightly more conservative and wear brighter
colors and lower hemlines. The city woman prefers trendier fashions in more subdued colors and with higher hemlines.

Evening: Urban and suburban women prefer the little Black Evening Dress but personalize it with a Jacket. Because of the cobblestone streets and the periodically inclement weather, women most often wear low heels.


New York City is considered the fashion hub of the country, and Business Women are fashion-conscious and impeccably groomed, yet iconoclastic. Colors are urban standard: black, charcoal, chocolate, beige, with, and splashes of color. Pedicures, manicures, a well-maintained hairstyle and color, and groomed eyebrows are essentials.

Well - Tailored Suits are standard in most industries.

Evening: For most formal parties, Long Dresses with quality accessories will do nicely: the old-money society set dresses simply and elegantly for black-tie charity functions; glitterati-literati openings and events, women dress dramatically and not necessarily in a traditionally formal manner. The newest, cutting-edge designs are popular. Many New York women own a little black dress, which can be worn to a variety of events simply by adding or subtracting accessories. They often mix separates, which contributes to enormous personal style, a hallmark of New York dressing. Suburban New Yorkers are much more relaxed and colorful.


The Suit is a key in DC and traditionally a realm where women can shine and pull focus through color, though more and more are being. The no-nonsense suit is worn after dark, dressed up with a scarf or pin. A lot of women in DC tend to avoid making over fashion statements and generally frown upon seductive dressing, preferring that their political views, power, and influence make their statement.

Evening: Entertaining in Washington often takes place in the home. Politics is the talk read the newspapers, magazines, and listens to the news on TV and radio to keep up.


Women are more concerned with being comfortable than with being on the cutting edge of fashion. Working women tend to dress business casual, wearing pants, blouses, and sweaters and only resorting. Accessories are where women indulge in being fashionable.

Evening: For formal occasions, women tend to wear a classic dress (hem to the keen; not a cocktail suit)in black or jewel tones.


Dressing for work in the Rockies is business casual: Pants or khakis with a blouse, sweater, or crisp white a blouse, sweater, or crisp white shirt. Color and accessories like belts and earrings is a key.

Evening: There are more charity functions per capital in Denver than in any other city in the country, providing many occasions for formal dress.
Women’s evening wear is understated and elegant. The little black cocktail dress predominates, but women will wear ankle-length gowns for very grand events. Many events in Denver call for “Creative Western Elegance.” Women
typically wear broomstick skirts and matching Western jackets with nickel or silver conch buttons.


Atlanta is a casual city, but the city’s booming business sector has attracted people from around the world, and the professional dress code is fast becoming that of a larger metropolis.
Women wear conservative suits or business appropriate skirts or pants and blouses, with mid-height heels. Black is not a popular choice in this vibrant city. On the popular are prevalent colors among women. Society women wear khakis, the “great white shirt”

Evening: Women are practical but not prissy. Style is always ladylike, which is the most important dressing guideline for women. Tailored feminine elegance is admired more than trendy extremes; women prefer clothing that can be worn
both to the office and to symphony.


Texas women have a well-deserved reputation for being the most dressed, if not the best dressed, in the nation.
Career women wear Skirt or Pant Suits in bright color with Feminine Blouses. It is not unusual for women in Houston or Dallas to change clothes three times a day exercise clothes, business attire, evening wear. Heat, humidity, bitter
cold, and the chill of air-conditioning have a lot to do with this.

Evening: Unlike in many other cities, career women almost always change clothes for the evening, whether it is a cocktail suit, dress, or formal wear. If a woman has good jewelry stones one might refer to as “jewelry” rather than
jewelry she wants clothes the show these off.


Business wear has been influenced by the influx of South and Central Americans conducting business in this region.
Clothing is more feminine than in other cities, with shorter hemlines and higher heels. Business attire has a light,tropical feel, with suits tending toward light neutrals and dresses more prevalent than they are in other cities.


Thought they, re geographically close, Miami and Palm Beach are worlds apart. Palm Beach sports an old-school, old-money look. Business attire in the two cities is similar.


Business dressing is divided into three categories in Los Angeles, and all of them revolve around, or take their clues from, Hollywood:

1.The execs-the people who work in the offices and make decisions about money wear dark suits, whether they are men or women. LA is less designer label-conscious than a city like New York.
2.The creative execs-agent, PR executives, and producers all fall into this category-dress corporate creative, which means trendy, hip clothes that have professional polish: From-fitting pants with a crisp white shirt or dress with boots.
3. The talent-anyone from an actress to a director dress extremely casual, while still being responsive to the season’s new trends.

Evening: Aside from red carpet events, LA occasions rarely call for formal attire. One might wear Pants and a Top,possibly a Jacket, unless it was an opening night, and then a Pant Suit in silk or linen. At a museum party or slightly formal affair, a cocktail dress will be worn, and more Pantsuits in silk or linen. At movie premieres, the stars wear Short Dresses or Pantsuits, always designer wear, sometimes mixed with vintage clothes.


Women are sophisticated, formal, and European in style. Weather is variable
September and October are the warmest months and demands a season less wardrobe. Light wool crepes and season less silks are favored; there is little need for heavy winter overcoats or clothing for steamy climates.

From – Dress Smart for Women  

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