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February 4th, 2009


Power dressing means looking ahead, knowing the path you want to take, and preparing yourself for it in every way. You wouldn’t expect to be hired for a job and then acquire the skills necessary to do it. The same is true for your look: The higher you rise, the more subtle the cues. No one is going to run the risk of “We’ll see if he’s up to it or ends up looking the part.” You have to look and act your future now. Dress for tomorrow. Act as though you’ve already reached your goals and you’re halfway there.


Professional : Wear a suit. If you already wear a suit, upgrade your suit-better fabric, better tailoring Choose details that instantly signal polish and decorum, such as sleek high heels, a crisp, collared shirt, or pearls. Other symbols of corporate credibility:
Dark colors and immaculate grooming, and anything that suggests utter organization,

Responsible/Reliable: Make sure every detail is attended to.
Have a great haircut. Get a manicure. Organize the elements in your handbag. Have your shoes polished.

Management-worthy : Good management is a balance between approachability and authority. Cultivate a refined mix of the two styles by giving a laid-back look a single splash of authority. For a softer corporate look., wear a suede jacket with a pencil skirt and high heels. Or choose a relaxed beige suit-khakis with a sleek suit jacket.

Independent : Take a risk. Deviate from the norm. If your colleagues are stuck in a middle-of-the-road business appropriate rut, wear a suit. Wear it with a colorful blouse. If you’re surrounded by suits, wear your with a denim shirt. Or red stilettos. If you wear glasses, choose frames that express your style. If you don’t wear glasses, consider getting a pair as a fashion statement.

Open : Unbutton your shirt collar a little.Don’t lacquer every hair in place with spray. Try a sweater set in place of a suit jacket.
Every once meaning or a pair of feminine sling backs.

Creative : Express a little personal style. Wear a scarf in your hair. Test drive the latest trendy shoes. Try the season’s key-lime green, gypsy purple. Wear a necklace, bracelet, or earrings that you love. Tamper with the corporate dress code.

Authoritative : Upgrade your suits. Upgrade your shoes, your handbag, and your coat-fine fabric and expert handwork indicate serious business. Wear details that signal power and command, such as pinstripes or the color red. Invest in a high-quality, signature accessory, like a Hermes scarf or a designer handbag.

From – Dress Smart for Women  

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