Pleather - What Is Going On With Artificial Leather This Season - Pleather Over Leather?

December 4th, 2005

As we look forward to the upcoming new season, we must also look forward to the fabrics that will continue to cling to our winter-sized bodies. The past year has seen the resurgence of one fabric that has spawned a trend revolution: pleather. The fabrics and fashions of the 1970’s have been popular for nearly a decade now, but no other fabric has managed to reclassify itself as well as pleather (polyurethane film).
Pleather’s popularity has increased quickly due to its less expensive price, ease of care, versatility, and animal friendly existence. On average, the price of pleather costs three times less than its true leather counterpart. Some consumers view purchasing leather as a large commitment, considering how infrequently leather clothing, aside from winter jackets, may be worn.
Leather is also much more difficult and expensive to clean; pleather on the other hand, can be wiped off with a mild detergent and a warm cloth. This synthetic fabric can be worn more frequently than its non-synthetic counterpart. The simple care routine will ensure a longer life for pleather garments, making them nearly as reliable and durable as true leather garments.
The versatility of pleather is also one of its strongest attraction points. Pleather can be made into any garment, even surpassing leather in its usage. Pleather is being utilized by us for all types of pant styles, including jeans, chic hip-huggers, boot cuts, capris, clam diggers, and cropped or "short pants." This material also makes a sexy wrap skirt, a flattering miniskirt, or a classic style a-line skirt. Pleather lends itself to lines that are mass-produced, as well as looks that a custom tailor made for each wearer.

Animal friendly fabrics have softened the tension between the fashion industry and its worst enemy: the animal rights activist. Pleather has helped usher in a new appreciation for synthetic fabrics, and is the most common alternative to luxury animal fabrics. Pleather is now the trendy way to support your position on animal rights without sacrificing your fashion savvy.
Thus you may benefit from the flexibility of a fabric like pleather. The elastic nature of this pleather film makes it a more attractive purchase when freedom of movement is a strong consideration. Pleather is a porous film that breathes easily, yet may also be lined with other fabrics for warmth and insulation. Mature consumers enjoy making a fashion statement without having to sacrifice comfort or mobilarity.
Pleather is a rare, all-encompassing fabric that compliments anyone with enough fashion savvy to put in on. At the height of its former popularity, it was a "members only" fabric; only a select few were young, cheesy and small enough to wear it.
We can feel more comfortable in pleather knowing that its an inclusive, stylish fabric that gives us all a chance to show off our savoir-faire. Asking yourself whether to pleather is asking yourself if you feel like being hip, modern, and in vogue. It doesn’t take more than fashion sense to know that we want to be all of those things, and pleather has presented us with the perfect opportunity to do just that!
Hence, we strongly recommend the use of pleather over leather.  

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