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Men’s Suits: Six Questions Answered

February 23rd, 2015

With so many different styles of men’s suits, there are some questions that are frequently asked.

How Many Front Buttons on a Jacket?

The number of buttons on the front of a jacket largely depends on personal taste and body shape. Some men prefer a single button; this is ideal for men of a leaner figure, but may not be so flattering for those who are of a heavier build. This style draws attention to the stomach area, so can bulk out one’s silhouette. Based on the dinner jacket and tuxedo style, one button suit jackets are usually seen as being more appropriate for evening wear rather than a day in the office, but they are being increasingly popular and fashionable. The norm is still, however, two or three buttons. Four buttons are not so common, and when they are seen they are usually used to make a fashion statement rather than being part of a man’s professional wardrobe. They are better suited to tall, thin men.

Should I buy a Single Breasted or a Double Breasted Suit?

Single breasted and double breasted refers to the number of rows of buttons down the front of a jacket. Like the number of buttons, this is a matter of personal taste and body shape. Larger men will typically look better in a single breasted jacket, as these provide a more slim line and streamlined shape.

What are Vents?

Vents in men’s suits are the small slits in the jacket. There may be one singular vent in the middle of the back part of the jacket or two side vents. It is possible to have jackets with no vents, but these are not so common. Vents make a suit more practical and comfortable, as they allow greater freedom of movement. They are also generally viewed as a sign of better tailoring.

Should I have Trouser Pleats?

Pleats in men’s suits are somewhat dated, although some people still choose to have them in their trousers. They allow for greater movement, although they do have a tendency to draw attention to the area where they are found so can make people look bigger than they actually are.

What Colours are best for Men’s Suits?

Darker colours are usually used to make bespoke men’s suits; traditionally, bespoke men’s suits are black, navy blue or charcoal grey. Some lighter grey or brown suits can look very smart and stylish, but it is important to be aware of the environment where you will mostly wear your suit and any conventions relating to dress and formality. The most popular and versatile bespoke men’s suits are those in dark grey or dark blue.

Are Custom Made Men’s Suits Better?

Tailor made bespoke men’s suits will always ensure a better fit than a store bought mass produced garment. As to whether they are better overall, this is a question of how often and where you will wear the suit and how much you can realistically afford to spend. Custom made bespoke men’s suits can prove to be quality investments over the years.

The Rise in Popularity of Slim Fitting Business Suits

Everyone wants to go to work in business suits that make them look at their very best and feel good. They want to look smart and stylish, feel great and be comfortable in their work wear. After all, people spend a great deal of time wearing their professional apparel. Trends for bespoke suits for men come and go, with different fashions each season. Traditional business suits are often favoured because they will be as suitable for purpose in 5 years’ time as they are when they are purchased. One trend that is on the increase though, and looks set to stay, is that of the slimmer fitting bespoke suits for men.

Men’s tastes have changed, so rather than sticking with a suit style that conceals the body men are striking out and are keen to showcase their figures. There are a growing number of men who want their clothes to be fitted and tailored so as to enhance their physique rather than hiding it away. The popular overall look for business suits is a sleeker and slimmer look. Lapels are thinner and trouser legs are narrower. Trouser pleats are fast becoming a thing of the past. Older style suits are generally seen by modern men as being somewhat outdated. This change is suit style follows a general shift in men’s habits and routines. Modern men exercise more than previous generations, and it can be argued that they take more interest and pride in their appearance. Rather than just wanting to look average, men now want to look exceptional. Slimmer tailored suits usually make men who do not take regular exercise also look better than large roomy suits.

The popular fabrics and colours for business suits have remained the same. The main differences are concerning the cuts.

The younger generation of men sport bespoke suits for men outside of the office. They are keen to dress to impress, both in and out of work. As a result, older generations are starting to sit up and pay attention, so their attitudes towards clothing and appearances are also beginning to change.

Slim fitting business suits can be made with double breasted or single breasted jackets, different numbers of buttons down the front, cuffs on the trousers, different styles of pockets, and all the same design features as other suits.

To really make slim fit bespoke suits for men look great, team them with slim fitting shirts. A good suit and a good coordinating shirt can really make a man look fantastic. The overall appearance is much leaner and trimmer, as well as smart, modern, stylish, professional and trendy.

My Suit Shop can create excellent business suits for people from all walks of life and professions. They can also make some great quality shirts to team with your new suits. Try a different cut and be amazed at the difference it can make. Smile knowingly when people compliment you on your new appearance. Feel like the million dollar man in a great slim cut suit. Imagine the pleasure that can come from having fantastic business suits in your life.

Men’s Suits: The One Button Debate

Men’s suits can have jackets that have one, two, three or four buttons. Four buttons is not common, with such jackets often being considered as old fashioned and outdated. The norm is two or three buttons, with people basing their preferences largely on their body shape. Bespoke men’s suits with one button jackets are being more and more seen, on the catwalk, at social events, on the High Street and in the office.

Previously, one button bespoke men’s suits were generally seen as being more formal and having connections with high fashion. They were not thought of as practical or suitable office suits. Attitudes are changing, and men can make a statement in the work place, stand out from the crown and break away from the sartorial herd in a dashing one button suit.

A jacket with one button gives the appearance of wider shoulders and a broader chest. It draws attention away from the hips and focuses the viewer’s eyes upwards. One button suits create more of a masculine appearance. Because there is more open area, not covered by the closed part of a jacket, one button suits can also be unforgiving for men with larger stomachs. For larger set men, it would probably be best to stick with the traditional two or three button bespoke men’s suits. Suits with one button typically look better on leaner men with a slim or athletic build.

Narrow lapels, narrow shirt collars and narrow neck ties work well with one button suits. Straight leg and slim fit trousers also help to create an overall stream-lined look. One should use minimal accessories. Bold ties should be avoided; rely on the jacket to make the statement and do not go overboard with a load and bright tie. Don’t use tie pins, lapel pins, collar bars or other such extra accessories. The overall look should be simple rather than excessive. Avoid having jackets cut too short; longer jackets look better when only one button is used.

Wool or silk are the classic fabrics when making men’s suits with one button. Dark block colours work best, and with the exception of an executive style pinstripe, all patterns should be avoided. This is in keeping with the simple, understated and minimalist effect one should hope to achieve when wearing such a suit.

One button bespoke men’s suits are becoming real contenders for office attire, and their effect should not be underestimated. They can look sleek, polished, professional and elegant.

As with any suit of any style, a good fit is imperative. Having bespoke men’s suits custom made can guarantee a perfect fit, whether you choose to try a one button suit or otherwise. My Suit Shop has a great selection of men’s suits that can be custom made to your requirements.

A useful convention to remember when sporting a one button suit is that the button should always be fastened when standing, and unfastened when seated. This will help you to look like a well groomed one button pro, and wear one button bespoke men’s suits well.


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