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21)   Can I order swatches?
22)   I would like to order a Suit/Shirt in White/Cream/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Orange or in a colour not shown here . How do I do so ? What Fabric is best for such a garment?
23)   Do you ship to / deliver to UK ? USA ? Australia ? What countries do you ship to ? How long does it take to arrive ?
24)   What is the difference between a Suit Jacket, a Blazer and a Sports Jacket ?
25)   What is Dormieul?
26)   What about Big and Tall sizes?
27)   What is the price of Suits, Shirts, Pants, Coats custom made to measure?
28)   Can you make a custom piece of clothing from an image I send to you?
29)   Do you do removable collar stays on shirts?
30)   What is a Burn Test? How do I test a fabric?

  • Can I order swatches? May we confirm that it is possible to get swatches as per your requirements.
    Please make use of our online swatch form to select upto 20 different fabric and colour choices that interest you most so that swatches of these can be mailed over.
    You can also order beautiful Style Catalogue of our most popular styles for men and 95 swatches personally hand selected by our Master Tailors - in solids and patterns, from light to mid weights, year round fabrics from our mid to upper range collections.
    You would be able to get a $10 discount when placing your next order with us using the swatches shipped to you.
    Please use this form to submit your swatch or catalogue requisition request.
    Please note that since fabrics from our Heritage Gold Collection and some others are not stocked in our inventory but are sourced from our suppliers in Europe as and when an order in these materials is received, we would regretfully be unable to honour swatch requests for materials in this collection. [Top]

  • I would like to order a Suit/Shirt in White/Cream/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Orange or in a colour not shown here . How do I do so ? What Fabric is best for such a garment? We are glad to confirm that it is possible to have a suit/shirt/Tuxedo or even a coat, custom made in white/Cream/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Orange or in any other colour currently not displayed at our website.
    We recommend for example, fabrics such as 119, 128, 120, 116, 1011 and other silks and linens as ideal for a custom garment in unusual colours.
    The fabric search function on the left menu can be used to type in the word " silk " or " linen " without the quote marks to do a quick search for all the materials with unusual colours for your custom garment. If the specific colour you are looking for, is not found at our site, please email us us with the colour requirement so that we can source it for your particular order from our suppliers.
    If a white/offwhite/cream/ivory/other colour suit or shirt is required in any of the fabrics, and this colour/colors is not be displayed in the colour palette when choosing the fabric, rest assured that it can be easily sourced from our suppliers.
    In the case of white/offwhite/cream/ivory colours for example, please proceed to the appropriate category or collection and select the item you would like to have made. Then select the style you like and on the subsequent page, please select the fabric you wish us to use. Then, for the sake of order placement, Select any colour from the palette if you don´t see a white/offwhite/cream/ivory or your prefered colour available and click on the ´order´ button to add to your shopping cart. The next page will bring up the special request sections where in the appropriate field, the colour you would prefer, such as a white/offwhite/cream/ivory can be indicated.
    All the styles displayed in each of the collections can be made in white/offwhite/cream/ivory per your choice provided the selected fabric has it in stock in our inventory or with our suppliers. Should we find your preferred colour not available, Rest assured, we will be emailing you for advice or instructions.
    We will then use your instructions to ignore the selected colour and use the required colour for your custom made garment. [Top]

  • Do you ship to / deliver to UK ? USA ? Australia ? What countries do you ship to ? How long does it take to arrive ? We Ship and Deliver to any part of the world, including UK, USA, Australia and any other country on the Globe. All our shipments are via international couriers for safe and fast door to door delivery. It takes ten to twelve working days to complete an order and four to five days for delivery by courier. Priority processing can reduce the delivery time by another day or two if the order is required faster than the standard time period taken. Orders, once shipped, can be tracked via our online tracker within the MyAccounts section of our Website. [Top]

  • What is the difference between a Suit Jacket, a Blazer and a Sports Jacket ? Sports jackets, blazers and suit jackets are pretty much the same thing except, suit jackets can have single, side or no vents while sports jackets typically should have a center vent and blazers typically have side vents.
    Another difference is that while suit jackets are matched with exactly the same colour as the pants, sports jackets can be any colour and usually with a pattern such as hounds tooth or herringbone or checks and if solids, they are usually very light or very dark colours..never ´in between´ colours. Sports jackets should never be in stripes or prince of Wales checks as these are suitings.
    Blazers are always solids and only in dark blue, navy, black, burgundy, dark green, red and white or ivory. Blazers must always have gold or silver buttons while sports jackets should have matching buttons as should suit jackets.
    The cut of the three are pretty much similar though sports jackets can never be double breasted.
    Blazers can be single or double breasteds and suits too can be single or double breasteds.
    Vents are the openings on the back of the jackets. Some call it slits. Classic traditional styles usually have one vent..center vent.. at the back of the jacket.
    Very traditional British or 50s and 60s style of jackets have two vents..side vents .. at the back of the jacket and more modern ´Italian cut´ slim styles have no vents at the back of the jacket in which case the hips tend to be a bit on the snug side as well. [Top]

  • What is Dormieul? Dormieul is a manufacturer of very high end pure wool cloth for mens suits and slacks. They are located in England and have trading offices in most European countries as well as centers of tailoring in Asia. Cloth from Dormieul is reknowned worldwide for its unique hand and luxurious feel. Dormieul suit fabrics are typically made in the tradition of British tastes with most fabrics being in traditional business colours and patterns such as Chalk Stripes, Bankers Stripes, Pin Stripes, Prince of Wales check etc.
    Dormieul is famous for its ´smooth as silk´ finish of wool suitings and have a lustre to it that exudes High Class Taste and Refinement. A person who wears Dormieul stands out as someone who knows what to wear and how to wear it. You can learn more about fabrics by visiting our Glossary pages or you can do quick Cloth searches using one or more criteria to help pick specific cloth you might be interested in, based on the weight, patterns, content and other requirements. [Top]

  • What about Big and Tall sizes? We welcome Big and Tall sizes as well as odd sizes, wheelchair fits and hard to fit physiques. Please use the Big and Tall collections linked from the left menu above to view our Big and Tall collections. If ordering big and tall or wheelchair fits, we would prefer images of the front, back and side silhouettes to correctly proportion the custom piece. To send the images, please send them in JPEG format which ends in the extension .jpg and is of no larger than 50 kb in size.
    For Men - Height 5 ft 11 inch and above or Chest 46 and above is Big and Tall.
    For women – Height 5 ft 10 inch and above of size 12 and above is Large sizes.
    Should an order be placed in regular sizing categories and it is found that the sizing is actually big and tall or large sizes, the price differential will automatically be added to the order totals upon processing of the order. [Top]

  • What is the price of Suits, Shirts, Pants, Coats custom made to measure? The Price of suits, pants and coats depends on the custom collection, catalogue and the category you intend to order from. Typically our two piece suits start from US$ 150 and shirts from US$ 25 only!
    To obtain a price for any garment, please visit one of our collections or catalogues as displayed in the main menu and select the custom piece of clothing you wish to have made to measure. The prices in accordance are displayed alongside each type of garment. The workmanship or construction of the custom clothing remains the same through out all the collections. You can also visit our Compare Prices page to review a full price list as compared to comparable garments elsewhere in the world and on the internet. You can also find great discounts in our Sales categories and in our Special Offers page. [Top]

  • Can you make a custom piece of clothing from an image I send to you? We are glad to inform you that we can custom make to measure a piece of clothing as per the specific style you would like to email us an image of. Please email the image in JPEG format that ends with the extension .jpg and please ensure that the size of the image is not more than 50 kilobytes. Alternatively, you might like to email us a link to an online image as well. This can be sent to mysuitmaker@mysuitshop.com along with your customer ID and/or order ID. [Top]

  • Do you do removable collar stays on shirts? Per our standard production specs, all our shirts have permanent collar stays in them unless they are mandarin, Chinese, wingtip, hidden button down or button down collars. This is because in the former three styles, collar stays are not required due to there being no collars but just neck bands and in the latter two cases, the hidden buttons and the button down collars make collar stays redundant. We can also include removable collar stays in the shirts if so desired and preference of removable or permanent stays can be indicated in the special request section of the order placement process. This section comes up after the fabric and the style and colour of the shirts have been selected. [Top]

  • What is a Burn Test? How do I test a fabric? Burn Test - CAUTION. WARNING. BE CAREFUL! This should only be done by skilled burners! Make sure there is a bucket of water nearby and that you burn in a metal bucket or non-plastic sink.
    To identify fabric that is unknown, a simple burn test can be done to determine if the fabric is a natural fiber, man made fiber, or a blend of natural and man made fibers. The burn test is used by many fabric stores and designers and takes practice to determine the exact fiber content. However, an inexperienced person can still determine the difference between many fibers to "narrow" the choices down to natural or man made fibers. This elimination process will give information necessary to decide the care of the fabric.
    WARNING: All fibers will burn! Asbestos treated fibers are, for the most part fire proof. The burning test should be done with caution. Use a small piece of fabric only. Hold the fabric with tweezers, not your fingers. Burn over a metal dish with soda in the bottom or even water in the bottom of the dish. Some fabrics will ignite and melt. The result is burning drips which can adhere to fabric or skin and cause a serious burn.
    Cotton is a plant fiber. When ignited it burns with a steady flame and smells like burning leaves. The ash left is easily crumbled. Small samples of burning cotton can be blown out as you would a candle.
    Linen is also a plant fiber but different from cotton in that the individual plant fibers which make up the yarn are long where cotton fibers are short.
    Linen takes longer to ignite. The fabric closest to the ash is very brittle. Linen is easily extinguished by blowing on it as you would a candle.
    Silk is a protein fiber and usually burns readily, not necessarily with a steady flame, and smells like burning hair. The ash is easily crumbled. Silk samples are not as easily extinguished as cotton or linen.
    Wool is also a protein fiber but is harder to ignite than silk as the individual "hair" fibers are shorter than silk and the weave of the fabrics is generally looser than with silk. The flame is steady but more difficult to keep burning. The smell of burning wool is like burning hair.


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