Balance is the feeling of evenly distributed weight resulting in equilibrium,
steadiness, repose, stability and rest. Each part of the garment must interact
to achieve stability. There are three aspects to balance: 1. horizontal, when
one side balances the other side, 2. vertical, when the upper and lower parts
balance, and 3. radial, when the concentration of weight in the garment is
kept near the center.
   1. The direction, thickness and continuity of line create balance on the
       size of the wearer and the design of the garment.
   2. Symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes and spaces on the garment
       appear balanced with the size of the wearer and the design of the
   3. If more than one color is used in the garment, the dark and light
       values of the colors used are in balance with the size of the wearer and
       the design of the garment.
   4. If texture is used, the amount is balanced with the design of the
       garment and the size of the wearer.
Harmony is an agreement in feeling, a consistency in mood and a pleasing
combination of differing things used in compatible ways. Harmony is
subjective and in the eyes of the beholder. This principle is not illustrated.
   1. The space, line, shape, light, color, texture and pattern of the garment
       agree with the shape and size of the wearer and the design of the


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