6. The marking technique selected for the fashion fabric leaves no
       residue mark on the face of the fabric.
   1. Construction techniques are appropriate for the weight, firmness, fiber
       content, structure, durability and design of the fabric.
   2. The fabric retains its shape during construction, unless by design, such
       as bias.
   3. There are no snags, pulls, stains or other damage during construction.
   4. Also refer to Section I: Quality Standards in Clothing Construction.
   1. The fit of the garment on the body does not distort the grain of the
       fabric other than that intended by design.
   2. The fabric lies on the body according to design.
   3. The fabric drapes correctly on the body.
   4. The fabric hangs smoothly, free from inappropriate wrinkles and
   5. Sufficient ease has been allowed for the weight and structure of the
   6. Also refer to Section 11: Quality Standards for Fit of a Custom
   1. The garment surface is smooth and free from wrinkles.
   2. The original appearance of the fabric has been maintained. It is:
      - free from any construction markings
      - free from over pressing or iron imprints
      - free from shine, scorching or melting
      - free from flattened nap, pile or texture
      - free from imprints of construction on the face of the garment
      - free from stretching or shrinking
      - free from water or mineral spots, dirt or stains.


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