Shoulder Seam line - 
   1. The shoulder seam appears as a straight line from the side neck base
       to the armscye line at the shoulder joint. ,
   2. The shoulder seam line divides the neck, shoulder, and arm into
       pleasing proportions.
   3. The shoulder seam line is inconspicuous from the front and the back.
   4. The shoulder seam lies close to the body without strain at any point
       along its length.
Shoulder Blade and Chest Area - 
   1. The shoulder blade and chest areas have horizontal and vertical grain
       lines that lie parallel and perpendicular to the floor.
   2. The blade and chest areas lie smoothly against the body between the
       armscye circumferences.
   3.  Adequate ease around the upper body allows the arms to move
       comfortably without strain at the shoulders or armscyes.
   4. If shoulder pads are used, they should be inconspicuous and smoothly


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