Snapped and Hooked Closures     - Some varieties of snaps and hooks
are used in concealed applications, while others are used in decorative as
well as functional applications.
   1. Fasteners are the correct size and location for the closure requirement.
       Sets are aligned and hooks are usually placed 118" (3mm) from the
       edge of the overlap so the garment is secure and the closure lies flat.
   2. Fasteners are attached securely and neatly.
   3. Concealed applications of fasteners are inconspicuous.
   4. Fasteners used in visible applications are suitable for the garment
       design and fabric.
   5. Durable coverings (thread or fabric) are used where appropriate.
   6. The garment is reinforced on the wrong side, usually with interfacing.
Zippered Closures
   1. The zipper type and application are suitable for the garment's quality,
       design, fabric and use.
   2. The zipper length is adequate for ease in wear or use.
   3. Any visible stitching is straight, even and the thread matches, unless
       otherwise designed.
   4. The zipper is securely inserted into the garment at the intended
   5. The zipper, when closed, is flat and smooth, free from puckering and
       does not buckle.
   6. The zipper opening appears to be a continuation of the garment's seam
   7. Horizontal seams meet across the zipper opening.
   8.  Facings at the top of the zipper roll to the underside. Edges are
       smooth, even and flat.
   9. The lapped zipper covers the stitching on the under lap so that the
       stitching is not visible.
   10. The slot zipper is centered. Welts on each side of the placket appear
        identical in size, shape and placement, as well as equidistant from the
   11. The zipper slides easily and does not catch.
   12. Fabric patterns are matched appropriately.
   13. The seam at the end of an invisible zipper is smooth and straight.


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