inner band is treated as a shaped facing with its inner edge attached all
   1. The band is cut with its grain positions identical to those of the
       garment or on the bias, according to design.
   2. The band lies flat and fits the garment smoothly.
   3. All construction points of the band and the garment are matched.
   4. The inside of the band is neatly finished with no raw edges.
   5. The band is appropriately interfaced.
   6. The seam ditch is not visible at the upper edge of the band.
   7. The width of the band is even, unless otherwise designed.
Rib-stretch Bands   - The piece to be set into the garment is cut double the
desired width on the crosswise grain of a knitted stretch fabric. It is then
folded in half with both raw edges joined to the garment simultaneously.
   1. The width of the band is even, unless otherwise designed.
   2. The band is of the correct length for the neckline.
   3. The neckband seam allowance, where joined to itself, is not visible.
   4. The seam joining the band to the garment is neatly finished.
Collars   - A collar is a single or double layer of fabric attached to the
neckline. It may stand, drape over, or both stand and drape over the natural
neckline, depending on style variations.
   1. The collar is interfaced appropriately.
   2. The outer edges of the collar are smooth and even. The under collar is
       not visible, unless otherwise designed.
   3. Enclosed seams have been trimmed and graded to reduce bulk.
   4. The size and shape of the collar and its placement on the garment is
       consistent from one end to the other, except for intentional design
   5. The collar fits the neck edge to which it is sewn, without stretching or
   6. The collar assumes the proper position on the garment, as intended by
       the designer. For example, a flat collar lies flat against the garment,
       instead of rolling up.
   7. All raw edges are carefully concealed during the collar application so
       that they are not visible when the garment is worn.


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