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We are glad to offer bulk/wholesale pricing for retailers who have a store or an outlet where clothing can be displayed and sold off the rack in standard sizes.
We are able to supply small or large quantities of suits, shirts, pants and other men's and women's wear at Bulk Pricing thereby offering an opportunity to retailers to gain substantial margin of profit on their sales even if inventory is ordered in relatively small quantities.
With the advent of the No Quota Required clause of the WTO from 1st January 2005, we believe that vast profits can be made available to retailers who are able to source low pricing even with smaller inventory investments.
All our bulk/wholesale production is done to Internationally Accepted Specifications of quality and workmanship. Our Bulk/Wholesale production is done to the highest level of quality as is found in standard off the rack clothing in the best of department stores and exclusive shops worldwide.

Briefly, here are some details you might wish to consider -


Minimum order volume for Shirts - 24 shirts per size/style/colour/fabric

Minimum order volume for Suits for Men or Women - 12 suits per size/style/colour/fabric

Minimum order volume for Men's and Women's Jeans - 12 per size/style/colour/size


Depending on the complexity of the styles, the total volume of the order and the total value of the order, reductions of 30% to 50% from regular pricing for custom clothing is possible.

Bear in mind that all bulk orders will be done at standard off the rack sizes provided by the client.

Since different brands have different sizing structures, it would help to know what finished sizes you would need for your bulk orders. Email us for more information using this form.

Note that all prices will be quoted in US$ and does not include any taxes/duties in the destination port. With the onset of worldwide agreements on textiles and garments under the auspices of the world trade organization (WTO), the quota system has been eradicated from the 1st of January 2005 and thenceforth no quota is required on the importation of garments.

Note also that depending on the order volume, you would be required to forward payment full or partial payment to us at the time of order confirmation and issue of sales note.

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