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I confirm that I have received my suit and shirts - thank you - they are superb.


Fleur D.........Wellington, New Zealand

My suit has arrived a couple of weeks ago, and it is exactly what I wanted. It fits very well, and is well madeā€¦

Thanks you

Graeme R......Perth, Western Australia, Australia

I just wanted to confirm my complete satisfaction with the garments you have sent me, as well as my happiness for you to proceed with the new on the basis of the measurements you have on file.

Greg A.........Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia

Dear Sirs,

I have been very pleased with your services and the quality of the clothing has been top shelf.

My suggestion would be to be able to repeat orders. Once a style is liked I would like to be able to buy another exact duplicate of what I ordered before.


Paul C.......Richmond, VA, USA

I have received my overcoat, suit and shirt.
I am simply delighted!
What an amazing experience it has been!...
The fittings are spot on, the quality and appearance striking.
The customer service was impeccable.
Overall my experience with Mysuitshop has been a flawless experience.
>From the initial contact to the delivery everything seems to run like a
Swiss machine.
What else can I say?!

Thank you very much to everyone at Mysuitshop for so seamlessly offering such a magnificent customer service.

Francisco H........Richmond, NSW, Australia

Hi, I received the first part of the order yesterday. One of each item was sent to check sizing.

It´s a great fit. Please send the rest of the order. Thank you very much.

I look forward to ordering again in the future!

Kind regards

Richard C........Adelaide, SA, Australia

Hello; I am delighted to help chronicle the highlights of My Suit Shop, where I am so very pleased to have been introduced. I have order over
15 suits by My Suit Shop in the last year or so. I am quite thrilled with the designs, fit, and various silhouettes or styles and options that are available. It is simply wonderful to involve myself in the making of my wardrobe. As a Gent or Bloke, our wardrobe is often referred to as a "uniform;" and of course in deed it is true; we are limited to that extent.
However, there are features that are personal preferences and there are some that we would rather not have included in our suits. I searched many data bases to find the ideal suit(s); ordered many suits, and either returned them or gave them away. I´ve always like being a well dressed man; and been very involved in clothes. So I have a strong conviction as to what I will or will not wear. My Suits Shop has my measurements on file, where the representative came to town and took measurements that I have never seen anyone take. The suits are fitted to my body, and I get to select style and color, along with unique features. Since being introduced to My Suits Shop, I know that I will never buy suits off the rack again. In the past where I have purchased from the "Higher End Stores" and in retrospect, I have concluded that they were quite over rated in comparison. Once the suit is altered, it never fits correctly and it is limited by the imagination and/or skills of the tailor. When looking at the costs involve, it is far more expensive to purchase off the rack, than to have them customize with My Suit Shop. They have found the ideal price point that encourages their target audience to realize the merits of have suits, etc. customized. Truly, I am happy with the quality, various designs, fabrics, and fabrication; and that personalized touch that I get from being a committed customer/client of My Suit Shop. So In essence, I would give a resounding "Bravo," to this company for providing the men species with an impeccable service, that is rarely seen or found for that man that desires to be set apart in our "uniform attire."

Blair S.......Tacoma, WA, USA

I received the Blazer on Oct. 14th and was impressed by the expert tailoring and appearance of the garment. I would not hesitate to order again.
Dr Robert E......Somerset, PA, USA

The clothes fit well and the suit seemed excellent.
Stephen H.........Cleveland Heights, OH, USA

I received the garment yesterday, my 49th birthday. I am delighted with the suit and will order more.
Edward D......... Lusby, MD, USA

Jacket and trousers arrived when promised and fit was perfect.
Thanks so much and I look forward to using your services in the future.

Bruce T...........Racine, WI, USA

My suit fits perfectly and was delivered in quick time. Great service all round!
Clayton M............Morayfield, QLD, Australia


I am just writing to confirm that I have received the suit and I am very happy with the final product.
I appreciate all your help through the ordering process and look forward to purchasing our wedding suits through you shortly.

Thank you


Guy S.......Sydney, NSW, Australia

The shirts are a perfect fit, all arrived on time and in good order. Quite satisfied.
Patrick W..........Blaxland, NSW, Australia

My order arrived this morning. The tailoring is of very good quality and the fit is accurate. Also, the material in both suits is excellent.

Respectfully yours,

Barry G.......Balnarring, Victoria, Australia

Thanks for the suits and shirts. I am very pleased with them, the quality and material is fantastic. The shirts are awesome. When the master taylor was meeting with us in Brisbane he suggested a waitscoat (one blue for the blue suit and a cream one for the green suit) I would very much like to order the cream waistcoast and an XL tie to match the green suit and waistcoat.
Thank you.

Dean O......Cooroy, Queensland, Australia

Dear Ravi,

The order arrived in good time for the occasion I planned to wear the suit - a Cuban theme party. I really made an impression, and I thank you for it. My children were stunned when they saw me in it, and I plan to wear it at every opportunity!

The shirt is slightly more fitted than the regular European cut shirts I have and it fits brilliantly. It will give me incentive to maintain good physical shape and posture.

Likewise the two pairs of trousers are an excellent fit. The suit trousers are quarter lined while the other pair are fully lined. I should have asked for full lining on both, I think, as my wife says I have to wear white underpants underneath.

The jacket, is beautifully made, as are all the clothes delivered. The stitching and construction look superb to my eyes, though I am no expert.
The clothing manufacture is superb, there´s no other word for it, and the service was excellent. It was my first experience with made-to-measure clothes, and I will certainly be placing orders with you in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Peter P............Canberra, ACT, Australia

Dear sir thank for the suit it great and fit very well as always with your products.

John A.......Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The suit look and fits well but I still need to press it. I will look like royalty thank you for getting it to me promptly.
John A.......Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

Thank you.
Everything arrived in perfect condition and all items fit nicely. The ties were a little extravagant as I am a business man and wear very conservative ties like regimental stripes etc. Other than that, great quality. Thank you.

Steven S.......Mount Shasta, CA, USA