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Customer Testimonials

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Pleased to find that after taking measurements myself at home, the resulting fit was perfect. The garment is beautifully constructed as well.
Gordon O..........Los Osos, CA, USA


This is to express my sincere appreciation to all of you who contributed to making the suite for my wedding. You did a fantastic job. It almost was delivered late by DHL for the wedding. It is a superior piece of craftsmanship and you guys are very good at what you do. I will make more clothing with you whenever I can afford it. Next time I will ensure I start the ordering process well ahead of time if I have a deadline. I had almost given up hope it would arrive on time for the event. Once again, thank you all.

Papa C............Lagos, Nigeria

This was actually the tuxedo for my wedding. Obviously, very important and I was a little nervous. It is beautiful. I received several compliments including from the coordinator who sees dozens of tuxedos every month. Very nice job. Thank you.
Brian G.......Catonsville, MD, USA

Have just received my third order and am very happy with both the service and the quality of the product. They altered the suit on my first order without hesitation or complaint. Would recommend the service highly.
Chris D........Arncliffe, NSW, Australia


I just receieved my latest order of shirts and slacks and could not be happier. I requested the pants be made extra "baggy" and they were cut exactly right! Every detail I requested was taken care of. I´m a very happy customer!

Thank you for the great customer service and your attention to detail.

Paul B..............Washington, DC, USA

I had a personal fitting with the tailor who took his time listening to what I wanted; my body type isn’t the norm so off the shelf business attire was no longer an option for me. I would happily recommend Ravis Custom Tailors Online Store. I have had a suit and several shirts made all fitted perfectly with exceptional quality.
Paul H..........Canberra, ACT, Australia

Your suits and shirts cost me no more than medium quality off the rack clothes. Instead, they are beautifully tailored and finished and are an excellent fit using top grade materials. I am absolutely delighted and will be back for more
Kevin P...........GS

My suits and shirts that I received at Xmas are excellent and I will wait for a little while before buying a new casual jacket and trousers etc.

Thanks for keeping me updated.


Kevin P.......Golden Square, Victoria, Australia

Dear MySuitShop team,

I was extremely please I took the decision to attend to the last roadshow in Spain last month.

Both the fabrics and finishing were awesome; thank you so much.

I´ve now made some minor changes to measurements portfolio for next order.
All the best,

Jorge S........Madrid, Spain

This is a short note to let you know that I have received my garments and that they are perfect. I am very happy with the quality of the fabrics and the cut. They fit me really well. I was a little concerned after the first fitting that the shirts would be a little baggy but they have turned out amazingly..

I will definitely be getting in touch in the future.

Have a good day

Kind regards

Bruce C.....Sydney, NSW, Australia

I enjoy the jacket and I am pleased with the workmanship.
Jay N.....PA, USA

Yes, my order has arrived. Both suites fit extremely well and I am pleased with them.

Please pass on my many thanks to the tailor and the makers.

I shall be happy to place another order in due course.

With thanks

Judith P..........Taroona, Tasmania, Australia

Goog morning,

It´s the first time I used your services and overall I´m pretty happy. Especially the sophisticated customer service, including regular emails with interesting updates and detailed information during the order and appointment process, is a huge plus. I’ve recently received my first order, thanks a lot for the quick delivery.

Regarding my suit and the blazer I’m really satisfied, aside from some minor alterations (which is absolutely fine since it was the first time), they fit really well and the fabrics are fantastic.
Thanks a lot and best regards,

Dominik O.........New York, NY, USA

I confirm that I have received my suit and shirts - thank you - they are superb.


Fleur D.........Wellington, New Zealand

My suit has arrived a couple of weeks ago, and it is exactly what I wanted. It fits very well, and is well made…

Thanks you

Graeme R......Perth, Western Australia, Australia

I just wanted to confirm my complete satisfaction with the garments you have sent me, as well as my happiness for you to proceed with the new on the basis of the measurements you have on file.

Greg A.........Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia

Dear Sirs,

I have been very pleased with your services and the quality of the clothing has been top shelf.

My suggestion would be to be able to repeat orders. Once a style is liked I would like to be able to buy another exact duplicate of what I ordered before.


Paul C.......Richmond, VA, USA

I have received my overcoat, suit and shirt.
I am simply delighted!
What an amazing experience it has been!...
The fittings are spot on, the quality and appearance striking.
The customer service was impeccable.
Overall my experience with Mysuitshop has been a flawless experience.
>From the initial contact to the delivery everything seems to run like a
Swiss machine.
What else can I say?!

Thank you very much to everyone at Mysuitshop for so seamlessly offering such a magnificent customer service.

Francisco H........Richmond, NSW, Australia

Hi, I received the first part of the order yesterday. One of each item was sent to check sizing.

It´s a great fit. Please send the rest of the order. Thank you very much.

I look forward to ordering again in the future!

Kind regards

Richard C........Adelaide, SA, Australia

Hello; I am delighted to help chronicle the highlights of My Suit Shop, where I am so very pleased to have been introduced. I have order over
15 suits by My Suit Shop in the last year or so. I am quite thrilled with the designs, fit, and various silhouettes or styles and options that are available. It is simply wonderful to involve myself in the making of my wardrobe. As a Gent or Bloke, our wardrobe is often referred to as a "uniform;" and of course in deed it is true; we are limited to that extent.
However, there are features that are personal preferences and there are some that we would rather not have included in our suits. I searched many data bases to find the ideal suit(s); ordered many suits, and either returned them or gave them away. I´ve always like being a well dressed man; and been very involved in clothes. So I have a strong conviction as to what I will or will not wear. My Suits Shop has my measurements on file, where the representative came to town and took measurements that I have never seen anyone take. The suits are fitted to my body, and I get to select style and color, along with unique features. Since being introduced to My Suits Shop, I know that I will never buy suits off the rack again. In the past where I have purchased from the "Higher End Stores" and in retrospect, I have concluded that they were quite over rated in comparison. Once the suit is altered, it never fits correctly and it is limited by the imagination and/or skills of the tailor. When looking at the costs involve, it is far more expensive to purchase off the rack, than to have them customize with My Suit Shop. They have found the ideal price point that encourages their target audience to realize the merits of have suits, etc. customized. Truly, I am happy with the quality, various designs, fabrics, and fabrication; and that personalized touch that I get from being a committed customer/client of My Suit Shop. So In essence, I would give a resounding "Bravo," to this company for providing the men species with an impeccable service, that is rarely seen or found for that man that desires to be set apart in our "uniform attire."

Blair S.......Tacoma, WA, USA

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