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I had ordered two tailored shirts to see if I would be impressed with the workmanship of your company. When the shirts were delivered I tried them on to see if they fit and how they felt. All I can say is that I LOVE THESE SHIRTS!!!!!!! I have checked out tailor shops around where I live and tried one of them, by far your workmanship and texture of fabric is FAR MORE superior then those that I have acquired through local retailers. I will DEFINATELY return my business to your company and all those that I know I will tell them of you. I have had the pleasure of working with the White House staff on their visit to Iowa and will be again later this year (2004) and will be encouraging them to try your company. I can´t think of the last time I have ever had a shirt fit and feel this good. I just can´t send you enough PRAISE for the quality of your clothing!! I am SO extremely happy that I have found your company. From now on anything that I purchase will be from! you. THANK YOU!!!!

David A...........Convention Center Manager, Reinbeck, Iowa, USA

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Five casual designer style for men plus Three sevenfold woven silk neckties from the Classic Collections Rating
Regular Price: US$ 375
  Now Only US$ 280! Save  US$ 95
A Shirt for him, A Shirt for her, A pair of Pants for him ,a pair of Pants for her and 2 Neckties Rating
Regular Price: US$ 363
  Now Only US$ 283! Save  US$ 80
Five cotton dress shirts and 2 Neckties for men Rating
Regular Price: US$ 370
  Now Only US$ 300! Save  US$ 70
Five Cotton shirts and 2 Neckties from our Premium Category Rating
Regular Price: US$ 370
  Now Only US$ 300! Save  US$ 70
6 Mens Business Shirts and 3 Neckties from our Classic Collections Rating
Regular Price: US$ 407
  Now Only US$ 312! Save  US$ 95
Four Shirts and 2 Neckties from our Big and Tall Premium Rating
Regular Price: US$ 390
  Now Only US$ 320! Save  US$ 70
The Jeans Trio - 3 Custom Made Jeans and 1 belt from our Classic Collections Rating
Regular Price: US$ 354
  Now Only US$ 324! Save  US$ 30
Summer Special Four Shirts and 2 Silk Scarfs for Women from our Superior Collections Rating
Regular Price: US$ 406
  Now Only US$ 336! Save  US$ 70
Six Business shirts for Women plus 3 silk scarves From Classic Collections Rating
Regular Price: US$ 441
  Now Only US$ 336! Save  US$ 105
6 Womens Shirts and 3 Scarfs from our Classic Collections Rating
Regular Price: US$ 441
  Now Only US$ 336! Save  US$ 105


custom custom made wedding suits for the groom and wedding party

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