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The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Gentlemen, the best way for me to express my appreciation for your work is for me to address your customers directly: Men of the world: You have NO MORE EXCUSES! A gentleman’s duty to his wife, to his children, parents, friends, associates, superiors, employees, indeed to his society, includes dressing the best he can. No longer can he say “I cannot afford it; I will surrender and dress in ‘modern casual’,” or whatever it is called. No longer can he say, “I am not shaped like the perfect “off-the-rack” man, but I can get away with wearing off-the-rack suits when called upon to wear business or semi-formal attire, so I will not pay for anything better.” The only one that is happy with that is the salesman who sold you the ill-fitting suit. Such clothes do not bring pleasure to the wearer, his wife, or anyone else. But now good news has come to us from Bangkok, Thailand: Any man with a job, with any body type, can wear excellently tailored clothing. Period. No excuses. Those of us who had never worn individually-tailored clothing will be amazed at what the men and women of this workshop will do for you. Tailoring, my friends, is not a mystical art; it is a matter of inches and centimeters, and anyone can measure himself, send off the numbers through the website, and in two weeks be dressed like a rich man. Take it from me: For my height I should weigh 150 pounds; I weigh 115 pounds. For where I live, for my level of education, and for the type of people I recreate and worship with I should make US$150,000 at this point in my life; I make just US$40,000. Did I crawl in a hole and never show my imperfect frame, clothed as it was in too-big “off-the-rack” clothes that I bought long ago? Of course not; this breeds resentment, ill-will, and doesn’t help one’s marriage either. Instead I hired these fellows to outfit me. I obtained two booklets of swatches from a selection of hundreds of fabrics, ordered several classic suit types in good colors, and presto! I am nearly always the best-dressed man in the room. I kid you not. People look at me in the street (a proper hat helps greatly as well, by the way), and my wife is very happy. People I meet show me greater respect. The product these people create is excellent in quality. Are there no imperfections? Well, the hand-stitching of seams on one of my suits, for example, did not look quite as good as on assembly-line suits I have seen. And the default sleeve cuff is joined, unlike off-the-rack suits; ask for the “working buttons” option or write in that you want “embroidered buttonholes with a split cuff at the end.” And do be sure to tell them not to press any blended fabric too zealously. That is really all I can think of. For the price it is phenomenal, in the case of each suit I have purchased. Perfectly good for business meetings and semi-formal events, in any company. Particularly when accessorized properly. And most importantly, each suit I bought fits me like a proverbial glove. On my first suit I measured wrong and the crotch is a bit tight, but I have corrected the measurement since. Choose fabrics and styles carefully, and measure properly, and you can hardly go wrong. I have even sent fabric to them to make clothes for me (called “CMT” work in the trade). If you don’t see what you want, ask for it. I have been very impressed with customer service, and I am very happy with my clothing. For the first time, I have a proper and full wardrobe that I enjoy wearing. There were simply no more excuses.

Simon A......S........New York, USA

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