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All of the clothes that you have made for me are great. The fit is perfect. I believe that after the first order, you can make the proper adjustments to make whatever you buy perfect! That was my experience and I have continued to purchase from you consistently. I have recommended you to many people and you have earned a constant customer!

Michael L........Brooklyn, New York, USA

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Tips For Buying Big And Tall Suits

September 5th, 2013


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While it shouldn’t be, buying big and tall suits can be rather frustrating. There are outlets and specialty shops that focus on providing clothing for men of a larger stature, but buying clothes from their racks often means making a sacrifice on your overall appearance. Just because you’re overly large doesn’t
mean that you shouldn’t be able to look fashionably chic.

Working with a tailor for alterations or create completely bespoke big and tall suits is probably your best bet. Unlike most other things in your life as a large man, you can be sure that your custom tailored suit will fit perfectly.

Finding the Right Tailor for Big and Tall Suits

For most guys, picking a tailor is rather straight forward. All they have to do is find the right tailor for their needs and desired style of suit and they’re off to the races. You have to do everything that they need to do, but you also need to find a tailor that has experience with tailoring larger suits like those you’re looking for.

Of course, finding a tailor shop that specializes in big and tall clothing can be difficult. There just aren’t as many of them as there are regular shops. But if you turn to the internet, you’ll find that it’s rather simply to find the tailors that are right for your needs.

Evaluating Online Tailors for Your Bespoke Needs

When you find tailors online that have experience with creating completely custom suits you’ll need to take some time to learn and understand their process. With a normal tailor, for a normal guy, you simply walk in for your appointment, have some measurements taken, and then tell the tailor what you’re looking for.

Shortly after, you’re called in for a fitting. The tailor will make the alterations you request, and then you’re all done. When you’re ordering big and tall suits online you’ll need to do it a little differently.

It can be tough for an internet based tailor to get the right measurements. The good news, though, is that most of them are actually travelling tailors. All this means is that they’ll visit major cities throughout the country several times per year to meet their clients, take measurements, and show their fabrics.

If you get the chance to meet and work with a travelling online tailor, then you’ve got the best shot at getting perfect bespoke big and tall suits. Tailors that are willing to embark on a national tour have to be of the highest caliber. Otherwise, they would be wasting their time and resources.

Communicating Your Wants with Your Tailor

What’s more important than anything else, though, is that you let your tailor know what you want. The entire tailoring process is collaborative. You do your best to tell the tailor what you are after, and he’ll put his knowledge and experience to use to make that happen.

After the “first cut,” you’ll move on to having some alterations made. Again, you will work closely with your tailor to make sure that this moves you ever closer to your perfect suit.

Think of it in the same way you would if you were paying an expensive architect to help you build a custom home. You wouldn’t just describe what you wanted and then let the architect and contractors take over from there. You would work closely with them during every step, helping them deliver the perfect finish product.

If you take this same approach with your big and tall suits, both you and your tailor will find the entire process much easier, and the final results will be stunning.



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