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Fashion Rules For Women To Follow

September 29th, 2014

Women everywhere seek to be viewed as the source for fashion inspiration. Those roles come few and far between and are landed by those you are well versed in the rules of fashion. Those who are viewed as fashion icons have a keen understanding of the do’s and don’t of donning the proper duds in any given fashion situation. If you too want to enter that category in the near future, there are certain rules and guidelines that must be followed if you are to gain entry into the world of the fashion elite.

Wearing White After Labor Day

Once upon a time there was a hard and fast rule that said if you wanted to be a member of the fashion elite then you could never wear white after Labor Day. We are glad to say that this is one rule that can be tossed out of the window. Winter white is here to stay and anyone who is anyone in the world of fashion owns at least one winter white custom suit. So, go ahead and style with abandon and now that white is always right.

Choose a Boot Cut Fit For Denim and Custom Trousers

Fit is one of the most important elements when it comes to developing iconic style. No where is that fit more important than in the design of your custom fabric. Work closely with your custom tailor in order to get just the right amount of flare with your custom trousers. The proper fit in your trouser will help create a focus on your waist as the smallest part of your body as well as help elongate the leg to add height. Also, by achieving the perfect flare you will be able to wear both heels and flats.

Everyone Needs A Custom White Dress Shirt

A staple that must hang in every closet is the custom white dress shirt. In fact, they are so valuable it would be worth your while to invest in more than one. The custom dress shirt is one of those rare creations that can be styled to be appropriate in every social situation. Your custom dress shirt is the perfect garment underneath your custom blazer for the office, but it can also be style with custom denim to be ready for a casual lunch with the girls.

There are certain fashion rules that are steadfast and there are the ones that are made to be broken. The difference in the fashion elite and those who aspire to join the club is about knowing which rules are which. When you have a firm grasp on those concepts, then you are armed for battle and ready to take on the establishment in fashion. By working closely with your custom tailor, you are able to create a wardrobe that would rival that of any fashionista. Each season there are rules that should be embraced and those that should be abandoned. It now becomes your call as to which one is which.


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