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Made To Measure Men’s Shirts: Treat A Special Man In Your Life To A Fabulous Garment

November 27th, 2014

Although men often bemoan having to go shopping and prefer many other pastimes to looking for new clothes, most men will admit that they do like to look their best. Whether they are in the office, relaxing with friends, taking a trip or attending a social function, the majority of men like to feel that their attire is suitable and looks good on them. They also like their clothing to be comfortable and practical. Made to measure clothing can provide a great gift option for any special man in your life. Your partner, brother, father and close friend will surely all appreciate a thoughtful gift such as customised men’s shirts.

My Suit Shop offers a fantastic range of made to measure items, including spectacular smart and stylish men’s shirts. It is easy to order men’s shirts for somebody else; simply obtain the person’s measurements, to ensure a perfect fit, and create a new online measurement profile via the website. It is also helpful if a photograph of the intended wearer can also be provided, to allow a visual image of the person’s proportions and overall shape. Then, you can order any item in the usual way.

To assist with the measuring process, there are easy to follow instructions on the website along with a user friendly form to make sure that no vital statistics are omitted. There are video tutorials to show you exactly where measurements need to be taken from. To help even more, you could order a free self measuring kit. The kit includes an extra long soft tape measure and an instructional DVD. The kit is free and can be shipped directly to your door, or to the address of the person you wish to order items for.

It is possible to place an order for men’s shirts based on off the rack sizes. Due to sizing discrepancies though, this is not recommended. Different stores and different brands use different sizes on their product labels. Also, working with off the peg measurements somewhat defeats the object of having clothes custom made. If you really cannot obtain a person’s measurements though, this can be an option to consider.

You can choose the fabric, style, cut, colour and all other features of men’s shirts. With a fantastic selection, you will be spoilt for choice when buying a gift for someone. You can take into account their tastes and unique sense of style to buy a truly personal and unique gift that is both practical and lovely.

Show someone how much you care by giving them great gifts of exceptional and high quality made to measure men’s shirts.


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