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Hello; I am delighted to help chronicle the highlights of My Suit Shop, where I am so very pleased to have been introduced. I have order over 15 suits by My Suit Shop in the last year or so. I am quite thrilled with the designs, fit, and various silhouettes or styles and options that are available. It is simply wonderful to involve myself in the making of my wardrobe. As a Gent or Bloke, our wardrobe is often referred to as a "uniform;" and of course in deed it is true; we are limited to that extent. However, there are features that are personal preferences and there are some that we would rather not have included in our suits. I searched many data bases to find the ideal suit(s); ordered many suits, and either returned them or gave them away. I´ve always like being a well dressed man; and been very involved in clothes. So I have a strong conviction as to what I will or will not wear. My Suits Shop has my measurements on file, where the representative came to town and took measurements that I have never seen anyone take. The suits are fitted to my body, and I get to select style and color, along with unique features. Since being introduced to My Suits Shop, I know that I will never buy suits off the rack again. In the past where I have purchased from the "Higher End Stores" and in retrospect, I have concluded that they were quite over rated in comparison. Once the suit is altered, it never fits correctly and it is limited by the imagination and/or skills of the tailor. When looking at the costs involve, it is far more expensive to purchase off the rack, than to have them customize with My Suit Shop. They have found the ideal price point that encourages their target audience to realize the merits of have suits, etc. customized. Truly, I am happy with the quality, various designs, fabrics, and fabrication; and that personalized touch that I get from being a committed customer/client of My Suit Shop. So In essence, I would give a resounding "Bravo," to this company for providing the men species with an impeccable service, that is rarely seen or found for that man that desires to be set apart in our "uniform attire."

Blair S.......Tacoma, WA, USA

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