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Is A Custom Men’s Tuxedo Really Worth It?

September 1st, 2014

When you were younger, you probably never really thought much about whether or not you should purchase a men’s custom tuxedo. It was only ever the odd and occasional event that even warranted black-tie dress codes. If you’re like most guys, you probably never thought you’d spend any amount of time at charity dinners, the opera, and tons of weddings. Your dad probably always rented his tuxedo.

But, as you’ve aged, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself in need of a tux on numerous occasions. Whether it’s the dozens of weddings most of us will attend in our late twenties and thirties, or important business events, there’s no doubt that guys have plenty of occasions that necessitate wearing a tuxedo.

With the frequency that you find yourself wearing one, you may have started wondering whether or not buying a custom men’s tuxedo is a good idea.

Consider the Cost of Renting

Assume that you only attend one event per year that requires you to wear a tuxedo. If you’re getting a nice one (any any event that requires a tux is definitely an occasion that dictates you have a nice one) you’ll spend about $200.

You’ll have to spend your time going to the rental store, having slight alterations made, and then returning the tux. If you do this for a decade, you’re looking at an “investment” of at least $2000. But, we can’t really call a tux rental an investment, as that term indicates there’s some sort of return on your money. It’s more of an avoidable expense, and to continue renting is to continue throwing money away.

Consider the Cost of a Men’s Custom Tuxedo

On the low end, you can have a men’s custom tuxedo tailored for about $1,000. That’s the same as you would spend just renting one tux per year for five years – and we’ve already agreed that you’ll need to wear a tux at least once per year for a ten year period. Clearly, when it comes to keeping your hard earned money in your pocket, the men’s custom tuxedo is the winner.

What About Changing Body Types?

Most guys will put on a few pounds as they get on in years. But the chances of your body changing drastically enough in a ten year period to keep you from fitting into your tux are very low. Most guys weigh about the same at 35 as they did at 25. With each additional year that passes, your odds of bulking up continue to decrease – meaning you’re even more likely to have the same body type at 45 as you did at 35.

While renting a tux certainly has a small advantage in this area (if you gain 100 pounds, you will definitely need some serious alterations on your men’s custom tuxedo), the chances of your body changing that drastically are slim enough that we can avoid it entirely.

What About the Fit of Rentals and Men’s Custom Tuxedos?

Hands down, the custom tuxedo is going to win. Sure, a good tailor will be able to modify a rental enough to make it fit well, but it will never match the custom fit of a professionally tailored tuxedo. Not only will you look better in a tailored piece, but you’ll feel better.

And when you’re going to a high-class event that warrants black-tie formal wear, you’ll want to feel your best. Instead of squeezing into a rental and spending the night wondering if anyone’s on to you, purchase a men’s custom tuxedo and rest assured that you look just as good as everyone else at the event.


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