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Thank you once again for another superiour suit! You have really done a excellent work! I´ll hope to get back to you soon again with my next order. Best regards,

Stefan S - Sweden

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Dont Be A Casual Casualty !

February 2nd, 2003


The Accountants Package - 1 Overcoat, 1 Single Breasted Suits, 6 Cotton Shirts, 2 Belts and 2 Neckties from our Classic Collections
( USD942 )

The word "Casual", circa 1852, is from Middle French casuel, Late Latin casualis, and Latin casus, all meaning: subject to, resulting from, or occurring by chance; unpremeditated; offhand: a casual remark. Other common meanings are: being without ceremony or formality; relaxed; showing little interest, or concern; nonchalant; lenient; permissive; not close or intimate (i.e. "casual sex"). Why do we dress up to have casual sex? Casual also can mean occurring at irregular or infrequent intervals and is used to refer to a migratory worker ("casual labor"), and in Military terms an officer or enlisted person awaiting assignment or transportation to a unit. There was always certain attire worn for specific occasions. Most gentlemen in Victorian times changed into White Tie and Tails after 6 pm. Deviation from business wear was accepted when you spent the weekend at a country estate, which called for suits of tweed and other rough fabrics not befitting city wear. True casual wear began with the introduction of the sport shirt in the mid 1930's and "casual" referred to clothes suitable for spectator sportswear. Instead of wearing your business suit to the horse races you could don a loud "sports" jacket and sports shirt. The movement to casual gained impetus with the acceptance of Bermuda shorts in the 1950's, and got a big push in the 1960's with mod fashions such as the leisure suit, and turtlenecks worn instead of ties.

CASUAL WEAR BY OCCASION: Let's separate casual into five degrees! Remember within these categories styles can range from dressy to sloppy! See the table for examples of specific items of clothing. The first two categories are acceptable for business and social occasions (office parties, functions at a friends house or a nice restaurant) where image is important. 1. BUSINESS-, also EXECUTIVE- or CORPORATE CASUAL: The level beneath the business suit and tie, which can consist of a suit or sports jacket and an optional tie. This is what you'd wear to a company party (retirement, holiday, etc.). The fabrics may be less dressy, and the tie a knit or novelty print. You may have slightly relaxed the look, but you're still there for business. In some cases you may want to wear a suit that's a step up from business wear like your best Armani suit, French-cuff shirt, and Hermes tie just to show you have a life outside business!!

2. COUNTRY CLUB-, or DRESSY-, RESORT CASUAL, CASUAL CHIC: Apparel that you'd wear to a private country club for lunch or dinner. It's also appropriate for an off-site seminar, a party at a friend's home or dinner at a nice restaurant. And yes the elements in your attire may have cost MORE than a good suit!! Number 3 may be acceptable for certain businesses and some social functions.

3. SPORTY OR RUGGED: The outdoor look! Off to the local pub to watch Monday night football with the guys, to a real game, when you're invited to spend the weekend at one of Ralph Lauren's homes, or third date out for pizza. Any activity where you might run into someone interesting. It's more casual, but you still took some time to coordinate colors, and think about what elements you put together. The following two categories are not acceptable for most businesses, or for any "important" social occasion (i.e. first date) where you're concerned about your creditability, authority and/or image:

4. SATURDAY CASUAL OR LEISURE: What you wear on weekends, if you had to go out shopping or doing laundry, and there was even a remote chance of human contact.

5. ACTIVE: gear you'd wear to the gym, to play b-ball, washing your car, or gardening, but not stop off at the grocery store on the way home. It's also what you might wear around the house if you weren't expecting any visitors.

If you're not sure, it's always better to dress up than down. You can say you've got someplace important to go after this event. Even if you dress down, you can use these guidelines to project the image you want: Dressier More Casual Dark Colors Light Bold colors Collar, Jacket, Tie No collar, Jacket or Tie Solids Patterns Smooth Fabric Textures Rough Fabric Textures Shined leather shoes Suede or canvas shoes

Thanks for the above article to Modern Clothes Modern Man..


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