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The Revival Of Made To Measure Clothing

November 9th, 2014

In historical times, all clothing was handmade and generally made to measure the sizes of the intended wearer. There were no options for buying mass produced garments and people either made their own clothes or commissioned a local tailor or seamstress to meet their clothing needs.

After the invention of the sewing machine, the production time of clothes was reduced. This made it easier to mass produce items in bulk, and hence the ready to wear industry began to flourish. People saw how easy and convenient it was to go to a store and buy clothes that were already completed and that they could purchase and wear in the same day. Garments were made according to generic sizes in a variety of different styles, colours, patterns and fabrics. The made to measure industry saw a decline in the number of people having clothes custom made. With a quicker production time, clothing manufacturers and businesses were able to experiment more widely, and fashion became an important part of everyday life. People had more choices of clothing available to them and so the interest in clothing really grew.

Along with the boom in ready-made clothing came a growth in the ready-made shoe industry also. People no longer had to rely on handmade shoes to meet their daily needs.

It became a common notion that the only people who still had clothes custom made to measure were those with a lot of money. The rich, the famous members of high society were seen as being the customers of the made to measure industry. Regular people felt that this type of clothing was financially inaccessible.

With global sourcing, production, advertising and shipping options, it became easier both for people to purchase made to measure clothing and for tailors to reach a larger target audience. It also meant that items could be produced cheaper than previously. With a reduction in costs, a heightened awareness of the industry and a growing dissatisfaction with the notion that one size fits all, people once again began to consider made to measure clothing options. Clothes that have been made to measure fit the wearer better than store bought items and allow complete freedom to have the style and colours of clothes that the wearer wants. All tastes can be met and all sizes of people can be catered for. Made to measure clothes also give the wearer a sense of privilege and luxury, knowing that their clothes have been made uniquely for them and that there is no such same item anywhere in the world. People can be their own fashion designers, assisted by knowledgeable and experienced tailors. Made to measure clothes can suitably reflect the wearer’s personality, and can be crafted for all occasions. Work wear, formal wear and leisure wear can all be made to measure.

There are now many companies offering great made to measure clothes at affordable prices. Fashionistas can take heart that a made to measure personal garment is often less expensive than a designer label and far more unique.


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