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The yellow jacket was a smash on the cruise as was the red suit. I received many compliments and I gave your web address to many. Thanks again.

Fleet captain - U.S.A.

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2005 Spring/summer

April 26th, 2005


The Accountants Package - 1 Overcoat, 1 Single Breasted Suits, 6 Cotton Shirts, 2 Belts and 2 Neckties from our Classic Collections
( USD942 )

The following are a few emerging trends for this spring - summer season.

Bold colors and pattern. Last season’s bright stripes were a warm-up for more bright colors and bright color combinations. You’ll see dress shirts in pink lemon, lime, and tangerine!
Ink Blue will be popular (it’s very dark (but not as dark as navy) blue.

In suit patterns, stripes in shirts, and even herringbone patterns in jeans.

Warrior and ethnic looks, necklaces, and primitive inspired patterns. Not quite back to hippie!

Premium denim in vintage jackets, shirts and even suits in denim.
Stripes in denim shirts, and jeans in ice blue, sage green, yellow, ivory, white, and black.

More form fitting, which is a trend not driven by shirt makers or retailers, but a reaction to customer demand. Power to the customer!
Dress shirts will have more contrasting collars (white).

Poplin printed, paisley, floral, Sporty-Dress shirt – hybrid can be worn un-tucked or with a sport coat with a tie.

A trend with some tie makers for a few seasons, the look spreads from punk to corporate (leaner suits and narrower lapels on jackets).

The two button suit and sports jacket will be strong. The "new" two button will have a higher stance (the top button will be higher than the "old" two button style. Three buttons are still around with more styles rolling the lapels to the middle button (so that the top button is left unfastened). Four button suits (never appropriate for business) are gone!
But you will see some low button stance jackets, including one button (with strong shoulders and peak lapels) with the closure just above the waist or lower.

Unconstructed in bold stripes and colors of sand, taupe, neutrals, and shades of blue.

Two button, Italian style with British details. Peaked lapels will be very popular. Stronger rounded shoulders with soft padding, subtle roping and higher armholes, slimmer, suppressed waist, plain front trousers, ticket pockets, side vents, pick-stitched accents and luxury linings.Stripe patterns and more Linen suits for spring.

A regular size sports jacket which is very short! One of the silliest trends to date! Sure the short jacket may look OK on ladies, but men??? If you opt for this hopefully short lived fashion make sure the jacket is your size just the short style. Make the shirt minimal - tee-shirts or trim fit shirts. If you're not slim skip this fashion faux pas!

History of The Baracuta -- John Miller, the owner of a small garment factory near Manchester, designed a blouson jacket in December 1937. First called the G9, and later the Baracuta, it was made from 100% cotton and featured a knitted collar, raglan sleeves, a 2-button stand-up collar, elasticized cuffs and slanted pockets with flaps and buttons. The rainproof, windproof jacket used the Fraser tartan in it’s lining. In the U.K. John Simons began calling the jacket a Harrington in 1965, after the character Rodney Harrington from the '60s TV series, Peyton Place. Such celebrities as Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra, and Steve McQueen have popularized the jacket style.The G9 is one of the most copied blousons in the world. Currently the jacket is marketed by the BMB Group Ltd., a men's clothing company in the United Kingdom.

A nod to the military, camouflage is out, but epaulets on trench coats and suit jackets, sweaters, bomber jackets and even shirts will be in.

In warm weather sweater styles, such as lightweight knit, and some with short sleeves.

In light pique weaves (cotton/cashmere) and colors like spearmint, peony, and cornflower blue.

Leather briefcases, instead of the fabric messenger bags.

FUN SOCKS in bold colors.

Fancy Pants using fancy fabrics, stripes, drawstring closures, linen utility pant with enzyme wash, plain front, slim cut, button fly and some with a Hollywood waist – high wide waistband.

Look for CUFFLINKS and BOLD BUCKLES and BELTS in metallic tones.

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