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2180-Traditional British cut two button single breasted jacket with ticket pocket
Traditional British cut two button single breasted jacket with ticket pocket

Big and Tall Superior Shop Jackets and BlazersUS$355

How to order: Choose a Fabric and color then Click on "Next" in order to get your custom made clothing as per your own specifications.

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 Fabrics Available for this item:
12023:Superfine 140'S English Wool Cashmere Herringbone  
3107:Super 160s Wool And Silk Emmanuel Este Italian Collection In Herringbone Sport Jacketing  
2550:Italian Tweed Birdseye  
2549:Mod Style French Tweed a la Oliver Twist  
2548:Classic English Tweed in Cottage Weave  
2547:Classic English Tweed in Hunter Weave  
2546:Pure English Teed in Traditional Crown Weave  
2544:Pure English Tweed in Natural Handloom  
2541:Pure Harris Tweed Cross Weave  
2535:Pure Harris Tweed in Old World Window Pane Countryside Fashion  
2534:Pure English Wool Light Weight District Tweed  
2533:Pure English Wool in District Check  
2532:Pure Wool English Houndstooth  
2531:Pure Harris Tweed Double Diamond Weave  
2530:Pure Whipcord Tweed Traditional Scottish Weave  
2529:Pure Wool and Silk Tweed Basket Weave  
2528:Pure Donegal Tweed Handloom Weave  
2521:Pure Wool Harris Tweed In Pique Pattern  
2512:All Wool Subtle Window Pane Check  
2509:Modern Contrast Stripe on Bold  
2503:Wrinkle Resistant Comfi-Stretch Wool Business Wear  
2502:Pure Wool Business Suiting  
2229:Super 140s Wool - Made in Italy - By Cesaere Vito  
2214:Super 120s Royal Wool and Cashmere  
2213:Exclusive design Chalk Stripe in Contrast Colours by Gianni Marco in Super 120s Italian wool  
2212:Worsted Super 130 Wool and Cashmere by Pierozzo Italy  
1144:Super 120s Italian Wool - in Basic Window Pane  
1141:Super 150s Wool by McKenzie Bros England - in soft classical window pane  
1133:All wool three season Old English style suiting  
1131:All Year pure New Australian Wool in Classic Houndstooth and windowpane  
1129:All Year English Wool Birdseye  
1128:Super 140s Flannel Wool Cashmere Gabardine  
1125:Supersoft All wool Gabardine Twill  
1124:All year wool Gabardine Herringbone  
1123:Winter Weight All Wool Old England Tweed with Window Pane  
1122:Winter Weight All Wool Old England Tweed  
1121:Super 130s Light weight Window pane wool  
1120:All Wool Winter Weight Basket weave Sports Tweed  
1119:Super 140s All year wool Sports Houndstooth - Gold Collection  
1117:All Wool Winter Weight Herringbone Tweed with Windowpane  
1114:Super 180s Gold Collection All Year Wool Herringbone  
1113:Super 180s Gold Collection All Year Wool in Exclusive One Eighth inch tone on tone pin stripe  
1112:Super 180s Gold Collection All Year wool in Exclusive three quarter inch glossy tone on tone chalk stripech glossy tone on tone chalk stripe  
1109:Super 180s Gold Collection Italian All Wool in Soft Two Tone Birds eye Pattern  
1097:Classical English Hunting Tweed  
1090:Super 120 English Wool and Cashmere in Herringbone self design  
1074:Super 110s English Virgin Cashmere by Scott and England  
1041:Super 180s super soft wool and cashmere - Italian Design  
1022:Super 120s Italian wool cashmere by Luciano in Window pane  
1018:Italian Cashmere and Wool Camel Hair  
1017:Super 120s Wool and Cashmere by Luigi Capone in Bankers Stripes  
1013:Super 120s Italian wool and cashmere in two inch wide stripe  
805:Supreme Palace Silk in Spiders web pattern  
208:English Mink Cashmere Wool Suiting  
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