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13990-Snug fit standard collar no pocket placket front soft barrel cuff mens business shirt
Snug fit standard collar no pocket placket front soft barrel cuff mens business shirt

Mens Platinum Shop Dress and Business ShirtsUS$72

How to order: Choose a Fabric and color then Click on "Next" in order to get your custom made clothing as per your own specifications.

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 Fabrics Available for this item:
11041:Old World Roped Stripe on white  
11040:Egyptian cotton in herringbone with dotted Euro Stripes on white  
11039:Luxury Silver Satin Cotton with Soft Continental Stripes  
11038:Superfine Sea Island Cotton Herringbone  
11037:Superfine Sea Island Cotton in Fishbone Pattern  
11036:Superfine Sea Island Cotton in Bold Herringbone  
11035:Sea Island Cotton in Gloss Herringbone with Dotted stripes on white  
11034:Luxury Cotton in Classic Herringbone and Micro Stripes  
11033:Egyptian Cotton with woven Linked Patterned alternating with muted colored stripe  
11032:Superfine Cotton in Tone on Tone Chalk Stripe   
11031:Oriental Exotic stripe on white  
11029:Classic American PinPoint Oxford Cotton Broadcloth  
11027:Sea Island Cotton in tone on tone with Soft coloured Stripes  
11026:Tone on Tone Stripe with soft alternated colored stripe  
11025:Luxury Cotton - Tone on Tone with Subtle contrasted Stripes  
11019:Pure Eyptian Cotton with Multicolored Stripes  
11015:Superfine Broadcloth cotton in Grid Pattern  
11004:Wrinkle Free 100% Cotton in Honey Comb Lacoste Pattern  
5007:Pure Sea Island Cotton Pinpoint  
5004:SuperFine Egyptian Cotton From Italy  
5003:Super Pure Cotton Stripe on White from Italy  
5002:Pure PinPoint Oxford Cotton Made in Italy  
5000:Italian Pure Cotton and Lycra Broadcloth Super Stretch  
3503:Pure Italian Linen Soft White tone on tone  
3502:Egyptian Cotton blend in Bold two colour Stripe  
3498:Italian Silk Peach skin - washable - wrinkle free - easy care  
3124:Long Strand pure Japanese Sea Island Cotton - Imported  
3103:Pure Sea Island Cotton In Super Micro Roman Stripe  
3102:Pure Sea Island Cotton In Super Micro Diamond Matte Pattern  
3101:Pure Sea Island Cotton In Lacoste Basket Weave Pattern  
3072:Pure Sea Island Cotton Shirting Self Design  
3066:Pure Sea Island cotton shirting in stripe  
3010:Pure Italian Cotton 120 x 120 - in Contemporary Fishbone Pattern  
3009:Pure Italian Cotton 120 x 120 - In Contemporary Herringbone  
3008:Pure Italian Cotton 120 x 120 - In Contemporary Design  
1067:Super Fine Spun Cotton  
1008:Pure Cotton in Lacoste Pattern  
930:Super Smooth Japanese Cotton in Soft Broad Stripe  
929:Super Smooth Japanese Cotton in Soft Pencil Stripe on Textured Ground  
926:Egyptian Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in spaced alternate stripe on white  
925:Egyptian Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in Bankers stripe on white  
923:Egyptian Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in Traditional Executive Stripes on White  
922:Egyptian Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in Classic Brooks Brothers style English Stripe on White  
917:Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in Pastel Tri-Color Stripes on White  
916:Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in Soft Tri-Color Stripes on White  
915:Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in Soft Multi-color Stripes on White  
914:Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in Contemporary narrow Stripes on White  
912:Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in soft multi color Stripe on White  
911:Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in Alabama Stripe on White  
910:Pinpoint Oxford Cotton in Wall Street Stripes  
909:Pure Cotton Broadcloth in Modern Micro Tattersall Check on white  
908:Pure Cotton Broadcloth in Trendy Frosted Balkan Checks  
907:Pure Cotton Broadcloth in Millenium Super Micro Houndstooth  
906:Pure Cotton Broadcloth in Himalayan Houndstooth  
905:High Thread Count Sea Island Cotton Herringbone  
904:Pure Sea Island Cotton LA Twill in microdot pattern  
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