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Ravi the online Custom Tailor says suits are making a big comeback this fall, and many men are returning to "Classic Tailored Clothing." Dressy, business suits are in demand again, as professional men strive to project a more serious, confident image in their work environment. "As the business casual trend recedes and we work toward regaining the economic momentum of the pre-internet bubble burst, we instinctively reach for touchstones of that period and apparel is a big part of that change." Ravi says. "So many men are definitely re-examining their business habits and wearing suits again."

The trends are towards traditional, classic, "British" inspired tailored clothing:

Darker suits - many with bold confident pinstripes - some with vests - again, a traditionl approach
Very colorful, boldly stiped dress shirts - often with very British inspired spread colors and higher collars.
Striped neckwear is back in a big way to complete that traditional look of success.
As men return to the suit market for the first time in a decade or so (for some younger men, it may be for the first time in their career) many are looking for signature elements to their personal style and "old-fashioned" quality workmanship - as opposed to mass produced clothing. As Chicago┬┤s leading custom tailor since 1929, this is where Ravis Custom Tailors has seen a big increase in interest as men seek out unique and personal attire made to fit perfectly and last a long time.

From The Bangkok Post


Fashion Trends

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