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You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and nothing is more professional looking than a suit whit a shirt and tie. It’s strong, authoritative, and shows that you’re serious about what you do for a living. Is it enough to get you the job? Maybe not. But the proper attire will send the right message: You’re ready for business.


There are five elements to consider when preparing for an interview.
Each one will get you closer to your ultimate goal.

1.Be confident. Perhaps no attribute is more important for an interviewee than confidence. It signals to the interviewer that you can handle responsibility, authority, pressure, and, above all, that you can deliver. And even if you don’t actually have confidence, there are some smart ways to fake it. Look the other person in the eyes when you firmly shake hands. Sit up tall. Be articulate. But mostly, just be yourself.

2.Be prepared. Anyone who’s ever been a Boy Scout understands the importance of this credo. If you want to know where the confidence comes from, it’s right here so know where the confidence comes from, it’s right here so know your stuff. Read up on the company and read up on yourself . Anticipate the questions you might be asked. Look into whether you and your interviewer have any people or hobbies in common anything to give you an edge.

3.Be Knowledgeable. By researching the industry and the company itself you will have intelligent questions ready it you’re asked. After all, you’re not the only one who is being interviewed here. You’re just the one without a job.

4.Be enthusiastic. What you may lack in experience, you can certainly make up for whit enthusiasm. Companies constantly need new blood, and that’s what you provide, so don’t be anemic. Your enthusiasm should be infections.

5.Be the man. Once you have the four other elements, you can focus on the outward presentation:
Your clothes, your hair, your delivery. When you’ve got that nailed down, the job will be yours to lose.


Being the best-dressed man in the room won’t mean a thing if your hair looks dirty, you haven’t shaved, and your nails could earn you a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. Grooming counts. Make sure your hair looks neat . As for facial hair, clean-shaven is always the safest way to go, but if you do wear a mustache or beard, keep it neatly trimmed leave the scraggly facial hair to the guys in ZZ Top. Nails, meanwhile, should be clipped at least once a month. Get yourself a nail trimmer and wash your hands regularly to get the dirt out. Finally, if you’re the kind of man you wear cologne, make sure that only those people who come in close contact with your neck know you wear it. The whole office didn’t agree to wear your scent.


A day or so before your interview, put your outfit on. Move around in it. Get used to sitting down in your suit or crossing your legs, anything that might be awkward. Does the jacket fit like you thought it would? Are the pants wrinkled? The idea is to be as comfortable as possible in these clothes, so you don’t get distracted.
Next, make a list of all the things you want to bring to interview , and have some question you might have for your interviewer ready to go. All of this preparation will only fuel your confidence, and assuming you present your best self, then…well…


Okay, so you made a nice impression, but now what do you wear the second time around? Clearly you need a variation on a theme here, so go for a different shirt-and-tie combination with the same suit. If you wore a white shirt on first interview, try blue second.
Remember, the jacket is just the frame, the shirt and tie are the picture.


Well, clearly it’s looking good. If you get asked back again, it’s almost always a sure sign that the job is yours. Usually the third meeting is with the boss himself, so be at the top of your game. Go back to the white shirt with your blue suit and try a different tie. Your suit’s been busy lately so make sure it’s pressed. The last thing you want to do is appear wrinkled in front of the boss.


If one your interviews is scheduled for a meal, don’t lose your lunch over it. Yes, table manners will come into play, but the same rules apply: Dress just as you would for an office meeting. And whatever you do, don’t order a drink to relax yourself. Especially at breakfast.


Employers say that candidates who manage to land interviews are increasingly unprepared sometimes woefully so for the interviewing process, “Many can’t provide details to probing
Questions,” said Paige Soltano, senior partner for Bozell New York, an advertising agency. “if they tell you they completed a successful project at their old job, and you ask them why it was successful, they aren’t able to give you any details.”
New York Times
“Each person is his own message, whatever medium he chooses.


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