What Elements Are In A Formal Wear Wardrobe?  

Custom formal wear may not be an area where people have a lot of experience, but it is an area that can make or break a wardrobe and an event. When you receive that inevitable invitation that reads formal attire required, it is important to understand what those terms and standards mean. Part of creating a magical experience on your formal occasion is to create a custom look that will make your night shine.

White Tie

White tie is one of the most formal occasions that you will attend. When the invitation says white tie, there are some very specific custom dress code requirements. A white tie event requires the gentlemen in attendance to wear a black tailcoat, with a black trouser that has a black satin stripe down the outside seam and then add a white suspender to the pants. Under the tailcoat, gentlemen should wear a white crisp dress shirt, a white bow tie and a white waistcoat. Finish the outfit off by pairing the ensemble with a pair of black patent leather dress shoes.

When you choose your accessories for your white tie event, follow the same color scheme. Cuff links should be white or silver. Gentleman can also choose to wear a white pocket square or boutonniere or a pair of white gloves if they want to go all out for the occasion.

Black Tie

Black tie is a slightly less formal version of the white tie. When you receive your coveted invitation to your black tie event, it is important to understand the pieces you will need to create with your custom tailor. First, you will need to work with your custom tailor in to create a custom jacket for the occasion. You can choose to create either a single breasted or double breasted jacket depending on your personal preference. Your custom trouser should be designed in the same color and fabric as your custom jacket and will contain a single braid that will match the lapel. Black tie is for the single braid, and the double braid is for the white tie. Your custom dress shirt should have either a Marcella or pleated bib front. Once you have selected your custom trouser and your custom jacket then it is time to select a bow tie. For special occasions make the extra effort and avoid the bow tie by opting for a tie that you will knot yourself. If you are wearing a single breasted jacket then you may also choose to opt for a cummerbund.

When it comes to building your custom formal wear wardrobe, remember that these events are usually few and far between. These special days are sometimes a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to demonstrate your sense of style and leave a lasting impression with those in attendance. Ensure that you have put your best foot forward at these events by make smart custom clothing decisions. Then, embrace your custom style and make a memory that will last a lifetime.


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