Should You Order A Men’s Custom Tuxedo?  

If you’re thinking about renting tux, you might want to think about simply purchasing your very own men’s custom tuxedo. After all, it is the piece of evening wear most frequently rented. With the average cost of a rental well over $250, you’ll only need to rent a few throughout your life to make up for the cost of having your own, custom piece tailored.

But, if the cost were the only concern, you might not want to opt for a custom tux. So, what else is it that makes a tailored tux worth the investment?

A Men’s Custom Tuxedo Wears Better

When you have a tailor create your very own men’s custom tux, it’s likely to fit far better than the slightly altered pieces you can pick up at the rental store. Sure, they’ll make a few changes to help make sure it looks acceptable, but any drastic alterations are strictly off-limits. If they weren’t, then the suits wouldn’t be rentable for future customers.

When a tailor helps you with your own custom tuxedo, it will fit perfectly. Not only will the tailor take all of your measurements into consideration, but he’ll also take a look at the way you walk and the way you stand. He’ll put all of his observations together to create a suit that fits you far more elegantly than anything you could ever rent.

Your Men’s Custom Tuxedo is an Investment

If you’re the kind of man that’s going to a black-tie affair, you’re probably the same kind of man that finds it necessary to go to them frequently. With an elegant men’s custom tuxedo, you’ll be sure that you always have something that’s in-style and ready to go.

Consider what would happen if you went to only three black-tie events per year. Each event would be accompanied by preparations that include visiting the rental shop, awaiting the alterations, picking up the suit, and then returning it. Of course, you could always have your assistant handle some of these tasks – but if you can afford that, you’re better off investing in a timeless custom tux.

Your Choice of Evening Wear is a Reflection of You

You’re a unique man with unique tastes and talents. Do you want to wear the same tuxedo that some kid just wore to the prom, or would you rather where something that shows just how unique you are?

You have good taste, and your suit should reflect that.

You don’t settle anywhere else in your life, so why should you settle when it comes to your appearance?

A Custom Tuxedo Can Improve the Evening

Whether you’re hoping to impress your date, spouse, or business partners, having a custom tux can really help. They might not even realize what it is that’s commanding your attention – but you’ll know it’s the fine tailoring of your custom tailored tuxedo.

They say the clothes make the man, and there’s definitely some truth to that. When you’re wearing a custom tux, you’ll feel better about yourself – and this will have a real psychological impact on the confidence you exude.

When you’re renting a tux, you’ll be too busy second guessing yourself, and wondering if anyone else is on to your dirty little secret. This will be very unattractive, and everyone will sense it.

Instead of feeling like a duck out of water, consider purchasing your own custom tuxedo and enjoying each and every evening to the fullest. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll look better than you ever could in a rented piece when you’re wearing a men’s custom tuxedo.


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