History Of The Custom Business Suit  

Every day we open our closets and don our attire for the day without every considering the how or why behind what we are wearing and how it came to reside in our closets.

All of the items that land in our closets and on our must have list all have a rich history that if uncovered will help us in our quest to achieve style perfection.

The answers to the questions of so long ago will help guide on what to add and subtract from your current wardrobe.

The custom business suit is no different.

The rich and storied history that is attached to our current style staple helps provide insight into the history of our culture.

Today your custom suit symbolizes power and prestige, but have you ever wondered how that assessment came to be?

We now bring you the details behind the uniform that you choose to wear on a daily basis.

The business suit actually dates back to colonial times as a part of the court dress in Britain.

As part of the early rules of society there were restrictions on the colors that certain people could wear.

Can anyone say dress code?

Royal purple, fine furs, and fabrics like velvet and were restricted to those of higher class in society.

In some cases those items were restricted to the royal family alone.

Then, in 1665 there was a nasty outbreak of the plague and Charles II felt that in the wake of the tragedy that had struck so many, the elaborate dress would become a political liability.

During that time, we saw the introduction of neutral colors into the workplace as most of the garments were made from dark navy, gray, and taupe.

The 1880’s saw the introduction of the tuxedo into the upper tiers of society.

During that time people looked for any excuse to participate in an event that would require one to don their finest and join the group.

Once tailors began to notice those behaviors in society, they quickly began incorporating slightly different elements into garments each year as a way to encourage people to buy even more clothes.

There was a time though that the style staple that is now the uniform of businessmen everywhere was actually a symbol of rebellion against the establishment.

They were worn as a protest against regulation and guidelines.

Now though, they are a part of millions of closets around the world and are a symbol of the power and prestige that we all strive for.

Today, millions across the world prepare to head off to the office in their bright, shining business suit that will demonstrate their knowledge and power within the workplace.

The better the fit and quality of the fabric, the more power one is assumed to have.

However, that has not always been the case.

The business suit has a rich and storied history that is an important part of your personal wardrobe collection.

Now you know the rest of the story.


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