Choosing Between A 2 Button Or 3 Button Custom Suit  

During one of your first sessions with your custom tailor you will begin the process of making the decisions that will ultimately result in a fabulous custom suit. Those decisions will include cut, fit, fabric, and color. During the process you will be asked to examine your own personal style preferences, your body type and the dress code of the event that you will be attending. Designing the perfect custom suit takes all of those factors into consideration and then produces the perfect option for every individual. During your time with your custom tailor, you will likely spend a portion of your time talking about the button count that you will want for your custom suit. One of the decisions that you will be asked to make will include whether or not that you want your custom blazer to have a two button or three button style.

How Do You Choose Between the Two?

The choice is really up to when it comes to choosing between two button and three button suits. There are not that many major differences when it comes to the two button blazer and the three button blazer, so the decision is really up to you when it comes to the most effective choice. Start by taking into account your own personal style preferences as well as your comfort level and body type as you begin making your decisions during the design process. With regards to the level of appropriateness in the design element of a two button suit or a three button suit there is not a lot of difference, so there again the choice is dictated by your own preferences. Both styles would be appropriate in various settings. The next element to consider is your own comfort level. Try both styles on and then work with your custom tailor in order to access the pros and cons of each style before you make a determination with regards to which style that you choose. Finally, consider your body type in your style decisions. If you have a fuller frame, then you may want to opt for a two button blazer as they tend to convey a slimmer appearance. If you have a smaller frame, then you should choose a three button blazer which will add volume to your frame.

The design process is essentially a very simple one. As a client, you will work with a custom tailor in order to make the best decisions possible for your style preferences and body type. Your options are endless as you begin your journey. Your custom tailor will help you build a versatile wardrobe that will help provide you with options that will be suitable for every social situation. In the end, whether or not you choose a two button or three button blazer is up to you. It will be just one of the decisions along the way that will help create your overall style persona.


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