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Do you visit USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or Europe on annual Mail Order Trips ? Do you visit my part of the world, my area and locality to take orders or measurements ?

We are glad to confirm that we do visit the USA and UK from time to time to be able to service our existing and potential clientele on a one on one basis.
Please fill in our Road Show Appointment form for us to be able to contact you with more information and scheduling of our Road Trip Visitations as and when the next schedule is finalized.
.To make sure that Our Master Tailor visits your city, it would help if you could get together a small group of family or friends or business acquaintances also interested in our services.
For a group of at least 5 clients, a customized special price will be offered along with a special trip to your city just for you!
In support of our online business serving clients from all over the world directly via the internet, we have to say that We have been online for a number of years and have been customizing apparel for three generations. Hence there is a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the tailoring world behind us.
Because we are accessible online at all times from any part of the world, our clientele find it a great convenience to simply use our website for all their sartorial needs as and when such a need arises; from the convenience of their own home at any time of the day or night.
Our very strong commitment to continued and open correspondence with our clients and our customer testimonials will prove our viability as an excellent solution to ill fitting off the rack (not to mention..expensive) clothing provided directly via our online order placement systems.
Our measurements forms are the most comprehensive among all those available online. Details such as ethnic backgrounds, favorite sporting activities etc are all taken into account to ensure correct proportioning and fit. An African-American for example would have different physical proportions than an Asian and knowing this fact from experience, we are proud to be able to incorporate these special effects into all our custom clothing. The requested information also lets us know if a certain measurement detail is correct or otherwise. Someone for example who plays football, would be more comfortable in pants that were proportioned with larger than standard front of the thighs and someone who lifts weights for example, would be more comfortable with a wider than usual back for jackets. The list is endless.
Apart from the very comprehensive measurements forms, we also provide online video tutorials of how the measurements are to be taken. Clicking on the camera icons within our measurements forms will play a short video for each measurement.
In addition, when an order is received, our master tailors go over each and every measurement that is submitted to check for discrepancies.
We also request from clients for their front, back and side view images so that it can, once again, help in correct proportioning as well as help us ensure that the measurements supplied are correct.
Therefore, an order placement for custom clothing done directly online via our website is gauranteed to be of total satisfaction.
We would actually like to encourage you to try out our online services to avoid having to wait for our Master Tailors to visit your city and we guarantee full satisfaction in Quality, Workmanship, Speed of delivery and Level of Custom Fit

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