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How can I be sure of a perfect fit?

We have been online for three years but have been customizing apparel for three generations.
Hence there is a respectable amount of experience and knowledge of the tailoring world behind us.
About half our online clients are repeat clients who were once new to us online. Of the over 400 suits we produce in an average month, we have, possibly, 2 (no exaggeration here) that is a total washout that we need to either replace or refund. Usually this is because of incomplete or incorrect information having been provided to us in the first place.
We also receive around 3 to 5 suits a month that need very small adjustments to suit the personal preference of the client. These adjustments are such as a smaller waist, shorter sleeves, longer inseam and so on and could have actually been accomplished by a local alterations specialist, but clients prefer to send it to us for the adjustments.
Hence, we do believe and have confidence that our work is entirely satisfying for our clients.
Because we are accessible all the time from any part of the world by email, any ´potential problems´ become minor because of our very strong commitment to continued and open correspondence with our clients.
We are proud that not once have we received a complaint in regards to our responses not being timely. Although we must admit, it does take around 18 to 24 hours to receive a personal emailed response from us. Time difference being a factor for obvious reasons.
Our customer testimonials will prove our viability as an excellent solution to ill fitting off the rack (not to mention..expensive) clothing.
Should there be any adjustments etc needed, if at all, we do stand behind our work and would be more than happy to undertake this at no charge except for that particular item being shipped back to us.
In regards to Measurements-Our measurements forms are the most comprehensive among all those available online. Details such as ethnic backgrounds, favorite activities etc are all taken into account to ensure correct proportioning and fit. An African American for example would have different physical proportions than an Asian for example. This information also lets us know if a certain measurement detail is correct or otherwise. Someone for example who plays football, would be more comfortable in pants that were proportioned with larger than standard front of the thighs and someone who lifts weights for example, would be more comfortable with a wider than usual back for jackets. The list is endless.
Apart from the very comprehensive measurements forms, we also have available online video tutorials of how the measurements are to be taken. Clicking on the camera icon will play the short video for each measurement.
As a last resort, myself and our master tailors go over each and every (and I mean each and every) measurement that is submitted online to check for discrepancies. When we do find such discrepancies (in about 65% of the instances when first time orders are placed), we get back to the client and ask for clarification and reconfirmation as well as supply guidelines as to what we feel that particular measurement should be. Only after having received a confirmation do we complete the order.
We also request from clients for their front, back and side view images so that it can, once again, help in correct proportioning as well as help us ensure that the measurements supplied are correct.

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