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What are Package Offers and How do I order a Wardrobe Special?

Our Wardrobe specials are designed to help recreate complete or partial replacements in your existing wardrobe and at the same time, include a volume discount on the order.
You would need to visit the WARDROBE SPECIALS page and select the Clothing Package you like best.
Click on the Special that suits you best and on the subsequent page, you would be asked to add the details of each item in the Specials, into the available fields.
To add the details of styles, fabrics and colours to each of the fields for a particular piece in the Special, please click on the button provided to view the selections available for that item.
Click on the choice you like best to add it to the field.
Hence, for example, if you have selected say a suit and three shirts, click on the package and you would arrive at a page with fields to include the fabric, style and colour information for the suit and the shirts. Click on the buttons provided to make the choice of styles and a new window will appear with the style choices available. Select the choice you like best and click on the image of that style. The Window will close and the style number will get added to the appropriate field.
The same system would need to be used for selecting colours and fabrics and Special Requests.
Clicking on Submit will add the items to your shopping cart.
Accessories such as Custom monogramming, contrast lining, buttons,hand stitched lapels, actuating sleeve buttons etc would need to be selected separately by clicking on the shopping cart icon on the top right and choosing the accessories link next to each item in the package to add the available accessories.

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