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What are working buttons/Functioning buttons?

This refers to the buttons on the sleeves of a jacket, coat or suit being constructed in such a way as to allow for the sleeve cuffs to open up and the sleeves to be folded up.
When a suit jacket or blazer has working sleeve buttons (functioning or actuating buttons on the sleeve), the wearer is able to undo the buttons and let the sleeve cuffs drape loosely or is able to fold the sleeves away from the hand.
This is a great functionality to have, especially on snug fit jackets and suits or when working in a wet environment and not wanting to wit the coat sleeves.
Actuating sleeve buttons were introduced by the medical profession back during the crimean wars when medical work was very messy and good suits were getting spoiled by the blood and gore that doctors had to work with.
Working or functioning buttons are created by hand, by embroidering or crocheting tight stitches (usually with linen or silk thread) over a knob or ring called a form.

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