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What is the cvv/cvc number ? What is the 4 digit Amex security number ? What is Verified By Visa ?

These are Security features designed by the card issuing establishments to protect you the card holder and us the merchants from fraudulent activity. The CVV/CVC number is a three digit number displayed at the back of the card in the same strip as the card holders signature after the last four digits of the card number printed at the back on the same strip. This is a security measure instigated by Visa and MasterCard for ?Card not present? transactions such as those on the internet. The Amex four digit security number in printed on the front of the card just under the last four digits of the embossed card number. This too is a security feature designed to protect the card holder and the merchant. Verified by Visa is a new security system instigated by Visa Card to guard against online fraud and unscrupulous activity. You are issued a password that you are supposed to enter in the appropriate field of the payment submission form. This password is issued by Visa International directly to the Card holder. When your password is entered, this information is then verified by Visa International to confirm that the person submitting the payment is indeed the card holder him or her self before Visa gives us authorization to charge the card and authorizes the funds to be released to us. Should you not have a Verified by Visa password, please enter your social security number where requested and we will help you obtain a password for all your online purchases. If you are not using a visa card to submit payment, Verified by Visa security does not apply to you.

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