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How are your jackets, pants, shirts made? What type of construction is done on your jackets, shirts, pants? What are your manufacturing specifications?

Please find our work standards described at this link where you will find detailed construction criteria used by us.
For Jackets and suits, we use a mix of traditional old world construction and modern techniques and features of construction. Normally, the panel interlinings in our jacket and coats are a combination of fusion and canvas. The top breast panels are fused and also have hand basted canvas interlinings for added support and the lower half of the jacket front is fusion for increased flow and drape. We can however prepare full canvas or full fusion interlinings on jackets and coats if this is desired. There is however a small premium for this feature and this additional option should be selected in the special requests page of the order placement process. Only the finest threads are used for handbasting so that the outer shell of the jackets or coats seem to float on the body when worn.
The three types of jacket construction we use are as follows:-
Standard construction - Fusings and Canvas.
The panel interlinings in our suits are a combination of fusing and canvas.The jackets are fused and also have canvas facings for added support. We can however prepare full canvas or fully fused interlinings if this is desired.
Soft Italian Felt construction - Ideal for semi-bespoke tailoring.
Soft Italian felt construction is a substitute for heavier British canvas construction this is a special construction which is designed for a modern, softer look and consists of a single layer of fusing combined with soft felt to give the jacket flow and softness.
British Full Canvas construction - Recommended for Classical Bespoke Tailoring.
This type of construction goes back to the extremely traditional method of jacket construction. All the inner linings are hand cut and hand sewn to the cloth and the canvas is attached to the coat cloth using fine silken thread such that the jacket essentially floats on the canvas. This type of construction gives a well built shape to the jacket and at the same time provides it the drape that is required for perfection!
All our shirt collars are top fused for added durability and stiffness resulting in shirts that are top of the range in quality of construction.
The TRUE MARK of our BESPOKE SHIRTS is that all of our shirts are sewn with a minimum of 12 to 18 stitches per inch, depending on the fabric being used for the shirt, with full single needle construction resulting in strong, flat seams that do not separate. Premium interlinings are fused into the collar and cuffs giving a smooth, even appearance. Our Shirt collars are hand-cut and hand-turned. Built in stay pockets prevent the removable stay from showing through the fabric. Sleeve to cuff pleating gives balance to sleeve. Pearl coated mylar buttons are cross stitched for extra strength. Hand finishing and pressing insure individual attention to each shirt.
It is our intention that our products should be used for as long a period of time as possible. Hence unlike off the rack clothing which is made close to the edge in every seam, our custom clothing is made with large margins. Pants waist can be increased by 3 inches and jackets can be increased by 3 to 4 inches easily!

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