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I have a large group of people that I would like to order for. Can I get a discount?

We are more than happy to offer a substantial discount and very competitive prices for orders that are placed for a large group of people.
This could be in instances when all the individuals at your workplace would like to place an order, or instances where a social group you belong to, such as a church choir, would like to place a collective order or even instances such as when a group of people wish to dress alike for an occassion such as in weddings.
For us to be able to offer a price quote for your consideration, kindly Email us the following information -
a) The total number of individuals you wish to place orders for.
b) The total number of garments you wish to order.
c) The fabric number (as shown in our Fabrics List) page that you wish to order from.
d) The styles of each of the garments you wish to order.
e) The colours that the garments are to be in.
f) The delivery deadline you wish us to work with.
g) The proposed date you wish to proceed with the orders.
h) The proposed price target you would like to work with. i) Whether you wish us to make a consolidated shipment of the whole order or whether you wish each individualĀ“s order to be shipped directly to the individual.
Having this pertinent information will allow us to tailor an offer to your requirements and budget.
You can also use our Wedding Orders Form to get great discounts for orders for your wedding party. Styles, fabrics, colours and a host of customizations can be used to personalize the wardrobe for your entourage!

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