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What sort of religious criteria can be added to a Custom order construction?

As manufacturers, we are able to offer custom made clothing to serve specific religious requirements such as Shatnez Compliance at no additional cost whatsoever! Our strict quality control mechanisms ensure true adherence to Halacha and other religion centric clothing codes and Mitzvahs (Mitzvot).
We can easily incorporate certain religious criteria and religious requirements, believe systems, into our custom clothing upon request.
Criteria such as non-mixing of linens and cottons, linens and wools, linens and silks, silks and wools etc can be used for your custom orders as necessary. We do not use linen fusings and can only use pure organic threads if so required. Upon request, wool padding would not be used with cotton suitings or linen canvases would not be used with wool suitings.
Normally there is no extra charge for such features, however, do Contact us to confirm the viability of your requirements and any associated costs thereof.
To specify your requirements according to your believe systems, please use the special requests section of the order placement process, after selection of style, fabric and colour, to indicate in detail, what those requirements are. Your instructions will then be incorporated into your custom clothing as necessary.
Should you wish to search for particular fabrics or combinations of threads used in a fabric, please use the Fabric Search page to do quick searches using fabric composition, weights, climates, patterns and other search parameters.

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