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Where does custom tailoring and the Traditional and Modern Styles fit in ?

Generally there can be confusion between what an off the rack product house and us as custom tailors present to our clients in terms of service and products.
An off the rack producer creates a style that he feels is going to be accepted by the market and mass produces the garments for sale.
A custom tailor such as us, ask the client what he wants and specifically produces the garment to the clients tastes and preferences regardless of the type of taste, good or bad that the client has. Our job is to produce well fitting, custom made garments, that are made to measure and to the clients specifications.
This is not to be confused by what is right to wear and what is not.
Thus while it may be right to have a tuxedo always with a shawl collar, clients may prefer notched lapels for their tuxedo.
All we can do is advice and it is really up to the client to go with the suggestions or go with his own preference, however outlandish or improper.
On the other hand, fashion and what men wear changes over time and while it may be proper to wear garments a certain way at one time, at a different time or age, it may be considered improper or dated.
Further more, what we do is advice and also use images to help clients decide what they like best and then follow their indications to custom make their garments.
Since we cater to a large range of people, we offer both the traditional and the more ´modern´ styles as references and work from their to create each individual piece from scratch.
The images therefore used at our website are but pointers or outlines of the garment and specific customization takes place in a process that begins with the selection of the basic suit or other garment that the client likes the look of.
We do not portend to create our own designs but create designs and styles for the client. Thus it is that a notch lapel tuxedo is shown at our website but it is only a beginning in the process of the individual garment being created.
There is thus no disconnect between what some fashion pundits claim, what is generally considered traditional or proper and what we produce.
Today, more so than ever before, the individual taste and style is king. The days when most used to follow the accepted norms of what to wear and what not to wear is long gone. However, that is not to say that the traditional mode of clothing is no longer accepted. On the contrary the very traditional style has become more common than one would imagine as more and more people wanting to appear more and more individualistic and wanting to stand out of the crowd, are resorting to the traditional style for this purpose, simply because apparently more and more people are dressing non-traditionally.
A sort of catch 22 kind of situation if it may be said so. As more people start to dress individualistically to stand out of the crowd, most of the crowd starts to look the same and then the tide turns the other way with more people going traditional just to stand out and when once again the crowd looks more or less homogenous, the tide turns to outlandish again.
Once again, being custom tailors, while our origins are in the traditional way of dressing and in the traditional cut of clothing, our job and responsibility is to ensure that the garments ordered fit the client well, is comfortable on him and if possible, flatters him or her. While we can maintain our stance towards the traditional, we can however custom make modern cuts and styles with equal panache.

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